Air Conditioning in Sydney
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Although ducted air conditioning seems expensive compared to split systems, it gives room for discreet installation and flexibility. If you are looking for an affordable AC system that gives you control over temperature within the entire house, there is a wide range of ducted systems in our catalog. Speak with our specialists if you need professional advice on which ducted system suits your property needs the best. ABC team has installation and service professionals that are experienced in all brands available on the Australian market.

Ducted air conditioners can be the right solution for larger spaces

This type of air conditioning is ideal for larger residential properties or two-level houses because a ducted system ensures fast and comprehensive cooling everywhere within minutes. You don’t have to go over each room to manage all wall units across the house. The central thermostat provides the desired temperature at the touch of a button. Unlike split systems, duct-type systems are not labeled with energy efficiency ratings. The only indicator of energy consumption level available for opting is a single or three-phase model. Functionality and features vary across brands and series and may include:

  • weekly schedule timer,
  • quick cool/heat mode,
  • inventor technology,
  • night quiet mode,
  • zone controller,
  • reverse cycle,
  • fan speed.

As ducted air conditioners are not regular off-the-shelf purchases, there are many factors to consider. That is why it is highly recommended to consult suppliers or specialists who can perform necessary assessments to ensure the best solution.

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