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Holly van der Loo
Holly van der Loo
We had a difficult placement of our air conditioning unit and we were so grateful for the team and their work. Cannot recommend ABC Air Conditioning enough!
Vitaly and Victor did an excellent job installing two air conditioning units in our apartment. They started early on the job on a 40+ degree day and explained the setup for us and completed the job with professionalism. They worked through hot weather without complaint. Highly recommended! Thank you both.
Elaine Leong
Elaine Leong
Victor and Vitaly arrived promptly at agreed time. Air conditioning was installed and instructions explained clearly. Excellent service!
Anthony Chambers
Anthony Chambers
Very professional installation and an excellent finished product. I highly recommend them.
Johno V
Johno V
Had 2 aircons installed by the guys, they are reliable and do great work, would recommend!
James Yeandel
James Yeandel
Can't rate these guys highly enough. Did a great job and a really great price. Easy to deal with, good communication and on time.
Ann Deacon
Ann Deacon
From start to finish, Victor and Vitaly were a pleasure to deal with. Professional and friendly, they installed 5 split systems with difficult access without any issues. I would highly recommend using their services.
Admin Shotcrete Australia
Admin Shotcrete Australia
Highly recommend ABC Air. Victor and Vitaly are extremely professional and their finished work was excellent. Great service and communication throughout.
Ben Shine
Ben Shine
Victor and Vitaly from ABC Air were excellent. We had a ducted and split system installed in our home and they were responsive, professional and competitive on price. They went above and beyond during the installation. We are really happy with the outcome and wouldn't hesitate recommending them.
Lisl Woodman
Lisl Woodman
Victor and Vitaly are great. Responsive and professional! Would highly recommend!

Daikin FDXS50LVMA manual

We start in this Daikin manual and Wiki Guide from FDXS50LVMA, which is a 5kw bulk head model for residential and office use. Most popular in Balmain and Rozelle areas. Hidden ceiling construction allows you to not disrupt the design of the room and create a comfortable microclimate with a uniform distribution of airflow. Read more info about FDXS50LVMA. 

  • Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning has a nominal cooling capacity is 5kw
  • Rated Heating capacity is 5.8 kw
  • Power consumption for heating is 1.72 kW
  • Overload protection is provided when power surges occur
  • The panel has a noise level at maximum settings equal to 38 dB

Daikin Cora FTXF35Q wiki

A miniature split system Daikin Cora FTXF35Q is an ideal solution for creating a comfortable micro climate and saving resources. A distinctive feature is a step compressor inverter and new generation of refrigerant R-32

The small dimensions of the indoor FTXF35Q unit (295 x 800 x 215) allow reverse cycle air conditioning to blend in harmoniously with any interior.

  • Operating voltage is 240V/1 ph
  • The type of refrigerant used is R-32
  • Unit Weight indoor/outdoor 10/34 kg
  • Warranty for spare parts, compressor lasts  for 5 years

More information about Daikin Cora FTXF35Q

Daikin 3MXS52LVMA9 Wiki

Daikin 3MXS52LVMA9 model is also a split system. The three 2.5 kw reverse cycle air conditioning allows you to separately set the temperature and humidity in three different rooms. In this case, one outdoor unit is used on the external wall.

The total system capacity is 6.8 kw. The cooling capacity in one room is 2.5 kw (depends on the number of indoor units)

Daikin FDYQ100LB-AY Manual

The ducted reverse cycle system is suitable for servicing large houses with several floors. Accurate calculation and proper installation of the system can greatly reduce operating costs. When properly installed, the model provides a high level of SEER (Seasonal energy efficiency ratio).

Inverter technology helps to stabilize temperature and efficiently redistribute power.

  • FDYQ100LB-AY is compatible with the Daikin One+ smart thermostat and Daikin Airbase (wi-fi controller)
  • The cooling and condensate drainage system avoid frost in cold areas.
  • Metal parts are coated with anti-corrosion enamel.
  • Capacity is from 10 to 25 kilowatts
  • The ducted reverse cycle air conditioning warranty is valid for 5 years.

Daikin FTXS25L Wiki

A single-zone mini-split system Daikin FTXS25L is an ideal choice for maintaining a comfortable micro climate in one room. The small outdoor (550 x 765 x 285) and indoor units (295 x 800 x 215) work almost silently. Also, the system is easy to place in buildings with any layout and walls of any materials. At the same time, the capacity of reverse cycle air conditioning is 2.5 kilowatts.

  • The indoor unit has a wall mount.
  • 5 fan speeds.
  • Programmable timer.
  • Adjustable louvers.
  • The conditioning area is 15-25 mm².
  • The noise level of the indoor unit is 19 dB, the external – 49 dB.
  • The operating voltage is between 230V/ 1 phase/ 50 Hz

Daikin FTXS50L

FTXS50L is a mini-split system that is used in Multi or Single-Zone modes. For smaller rooms, reverse cycle air conditioning without ducts is ideal. The indoor and outdoor wall units are quiet and do not take up much space. Stylish modern design harmoniously complements any interior. Functionality and energy efficiency are combined with simple operation.

  • Type of refrigerant R-410A
  • Cooling capacity is 5 kilowatts
  • Drying air function.
  • Maximum airflow on Cooling mode 305 l/s
  • Minimum airflow on Heating mode 323 l/s
  • The noise level is between 30-46 dB
  • Energy rating cooling/heating 3/3.5
  • The warranty lasts 5 years.

More information about FTXS50L 

Daikin 5MXM100RVMA

Daikin 5MXM100RVMA super multi NX system for multi-zone use allows you to efficiently heat or cool several rooms. Regardless of the number of indoor units, one external unit is used.

The system does not take up much space and does not require ductwork. The silent engine does not attract much attention indoors and outdoors. All units are compact in size and stylish in design to fit seamlessly into the interior.

  • Type of refrigerant R-32
  • Cooling power equal to 10 kilowatts
  • Heating power equal to 11 kilowatts
  • Maximum number of indoor units 5
  • Maximum capacity of connected units 15.6 kilowatts
  • Wall mounted unit has human infrared sensor to avoid direct airflow to the person
  • Sound level is 46-61 dB (outdoor unit)
  • Sound level is 23-42 dB (indoor unit)
  • Outdoor unit weight 83 kg
  • Warranty for parts and installation lasts for 5 years.

Daikin FTXF71Q

FTXF71Q is a mini-split system for one room. The equipment allows you to heat and cool the room, as well as humidify or drain the air.

The operating mode as a fan is provided. There is enough power for effective climate control over an area of ​​50 – 100 square meters. Inverter technology allows you to adjust the speed of the compressor and new generation of R-32 refrigerant makes it more energy efficient.

Thanks to this, energy efficiency, the absence of temperature fluctuations, and silent engine operation are achieved.

  • Cooling power is 7.1 kilowatts
  • Heating power is 8.0 kilowatts
  • The number of fan speeds is 5
  • Noise level for indoor unit is in the range of 30-49 dB
  • Remote control included
  • Operating voltage 230V, single phase
  • Outside temperature for cooling is -10 – 46 ° C
  • Outside temperature for heating is -15 – 18 ° C
  • The warranty on parts and installation for FTXF71Q lasts for 5 years.

Daikin FTXS46L

Daikin FTXS46L is an energy-efficient split system is suitable for creating a comfortable microclimate in any room of the house. Unlike the ducted reverse cycle system, the wall-mounted model allows you to set the desired temperature for buildings of complex configuration or a separate room.

Outdoor and indoor units have a stylish design, small size and do not violate the aesthetic perception of the house. This type of air conditioner is suitable for cooling or heating one zone.

More information about Daikin FTXS46L is here.

  • Cooling capacity is 4.6 kilowatts
  • Heating power is 5.1 kilowatts
  • The fan has 5 speeds
  • The system serves an area of ​​30-50 meters square
  • The noise level of the indoor unit is 30-44 dB
  • The noise level of the outdoor unit is 44-48 dB
  • Minimum outdoor temperature for heat is -15 ° C
  • The warranty lasts for 5 years.

Daikin BRC1E62

BRC1E62 is a wall mounted wired remote control. Management is carried out using one remote control. Different types of indoor units are compatible with this remote control. BRC1E62  has plenty of different settings and functions. If necessary, the user can combine different settings with each other.

One control panel is suitable for monitoring all units.

  • VRV Controls Network supports monitoring of operations, generates error reports.
  • Available planning of the device by time and day.
  • You can adjust the fan speed, temperature, and airflow direction.
  • The display menu is customizable from simple to advanced.
  • For different time intervals and days, as well as for different rooms, you can set different values.
  • Unnecessary buttons can be disabled.
  • There is an automatic transition to summertime.


Daikin RXYMQ5AV4A VRV-S is a multizone system allows you to create a comfortable micro climate in office buildings and residential buildings. One small, neutral neutral outdoor unit provides isolated operation for all indoor units. The automatic selection of compressor rotation speed saves energy.

The low noise level inside and outside the building does not distract residents or employees from their usual activities. Thin settings allow you to separately adjust the system in each room.

  • The model is compatible with different types of wall and ceiling blocks, air ducts with a capacity of up to 14 kilowatts.
  • Inverter technology in combination with an electronic expansion valve allows you to adjust the flow rate and set the required compressor speed. This prevents sudden temperature fluctuations.
  • It is possible to set the required temperature, and the system will control the power and maintain settings. Ideal for big houses or office space.


Daikin FTXS50KAVMA wall mounted air conditioning unit for with a capacity of 5 kilowatts for serving one or more zones. This model designed for Daikin VRV systems. Wall and outdoor units do not require ductwork. The system works silently and is energy efficient. Small block sizes (290 x 1050 x 250) and stylish design allow you to heat and cool the house or office without damage to the interior. Read more information here.

  • The system is compatible with several outdoor units (RXYMQ9AY1, RXYMQ4AV4A, RXYMQ8AY1).
  • Type of refrigerant R-410A
  • Cooling capacity equal to 5 kilowatts
  • Airflow is in the range of 245 – 270
  • The noise level from 30 to 45 dB
  • The warranty lasts for 5 years.

Daikin FAQ100C

Daikin FAQ100C  is an efficient air conditioner with high efficiency and low electricity costs not only regulates the temperature but creates comfort. This is the indoor wall mounted ac unit for Daikin light commercial VRV multi zone systems it if ideal for big houses or for small commercial spaces. The system allows you to cool and warm the air, drain or moisten it. Protective filters trap dust and bacteria.

The wall model of small dimensions (340 x 1200 x 240) allows you to create a solution for any interior.

  • Cooling capacity is 10 kilowatts
  • Heating power-adjustable up to 11.2 kilowatts
  • Compatible with BRC1E62 wall mounted remote control or can be linked to central controller of the building (master controller)
  • Fan Air Flow 317-433 l/s
  • Power surge protection
  • The mass of the air conditioner is 17 kg.
  • The maximum pipeline length is 90 meters. This is necessary for the convenient location of the indoor unit.
  • Room cooling is possible at an ambient temperature of 0° C with the installation of wind protection.
  • The warranty on installation and product is 5 years.

Daikin premium inverter series

Daikin Ducted

The premium air conditioners inverter series within a few minutes creates a comfortable microclimate in any size room. The equipment can be configured for heating or cooling. If your air conditioner needs to be repaired, then improved technology allows you not to change the entire duct system in the whole house, but only replace the indoor and outdoor units. The high system energy efficiency will enable you to breathe cleaned and moistened air without overpaying for electricity.

More information.

Daikin Slim Line Ducted


An excellent Daikin air conditioners model for small rooms or in places where there is not enough free space. Particularly compact design is complemented by maximum functionality. The reverse cycle equipment can be used as a heater or for cooling rooms. The technology meets the MEPS energy efficiency standards, which will allow you to reduce the cost of paying for electricity, compared with other air conditioner brands.

Daikin Inverter Ducted

The inverter air conditioner can be used to heat the house in the cold season and to cool in the warm. The compact design allows you to install this model in homes with any layout, including those where there is little free space on the roof. High energy efficiency complies with MEPS standards and even exceeds it. Simple controls, silent and reliable operation of the air conditioner allow you to create a cozy microclimate in the whole house without much effort.

Daikin Air Conditioners Advantages

  • The company was able to increase energy efficiency through an advanced AC-powered motor. They also designed a cross heat exchanger and increased the openings of the outer coil.
  • Users are available in 15-speed settings and fan modes.

Daikin Bulkhead System

Daikin Bulkhead System

Daikin Bulkhead Air conditioners are characterized by maximum discreteness. All equipment is hidden inside the walls, and only grills remain on the surface through which air is drawn in and blown out. Such a model will harmoniously fit into any interior and leave free space for furniture. The air conditioner operates in two modes: heating and cooling. Minimal power consumption will reduce your electricity bills.

Daikin Air Conditioners Advantages

  • Compact and minimalist design does not violate the integrity of the interior.
  • The maximum noise level is only 35 dBA.
  • The user sets a comfortable temperature, and the air conditioner automatically selects the optimal fan speed.
  • Smooth temperature control avoids sudden changes and the occurrence of flows of too cold or hot air.
  • If the air conditioner is not in use, it automatically switches to power-saving mode.
  • The kit included a control panel.
  • Parts and installation warranty lasts 5 years.

Daikin US7 Series

An air conditioner model that is considered the most energy-efficient in Australia. The built-in cleaning, humidification, and dehumidification mechanism allow you to create a comfortable microclimate for people with any needs and in any areas. Dual-band smart eye technology (infrared sensor) puts the equipment into standby mode if there are no people in the room for more than 20 minutes.

Daikin Air Conditioners Advantages

  • Quiet night mode creates a noise of no more than 2-3 dBA, and a person does not hear such a sound.
  • The US7 model connects to a mobile application so that users can use the smartphone as a control panel.
  • The reverse cycle air conditioner works to heat and cools the rooms.
  • A wide-angle of airflow and automatic rotation improve air circulation in the room. Thanks to this, the air conditioner creates the most uniform cooling or heating.
  • A deodorizing titanium apatite filter purifies the air and eliminates strong odors.
  • A 5-year warranty covers parts and installation.

Daikin Zena Series

One of the most stylish air conditioners models is the Zena series. Design explicitly designed for modern homes and offices. There are several options for outdoor panels. Also, the air conditioner has built-in Wi-Fi technology. Infrared sensors monitor the presence of a person and put the equipment into an energy-saving mode if no movement has been detected in the room for 20 minutes.

The air conditioner operates in reverse mode for heating or cooling the room, depending on the season.

Daikin Air Conditioners Advantages

  • The silent fan evenly distributes the airflow in the room, creating a uniform temperature and a comfortable microclimate.
  • High energy efficiency saves energy.
  • The low noise level does not distract from the usual rhythm of life.
  • Built-in air purifiers trap dust and strong odors. Intensive filtration is achieved through the destruction of bacteria, mold, and viruses by the high-speed discharge of electrons.
  • A backlight complements the stylish control panel for working in the dark.
  • All parts and installation are warranted for 5 years.

Daikin Cora Series

Daikin Cora Series

Cora series air conditioners have maximum energy efficiency. Therefore they save energy. At the same time, users can choose a power of 2 kW to maintain a microclimate in small rooms and over 8 kW for large rooms. A dual-zone infrared sensor monitors the presence of a person in the room and puts the equipment into an energy-saving mode if no movement has been detected for 20 minutes.

Daikin Air Conditioners Advantages

  • The flat, neutral design of the air conditioners makes it easy to fit into any interior.
  • Smart air purification technology allows people with allergies or asthma to use the air conditioner. Filters trap bacteria, decompose mold, and eliminate strong odors.
  • The particular shape of the blinds allows you to create precisely directed airflows for quick cooling or heating of the room.
  • The noise level is within 19 dBA.
  • The warranty on all parts and installation is valid for 5 years.

Daikin L Series

Daikin L Series split system is designed for small and medium rooms. Automatic selection of the fan speed allows you to consume electricity efficiently. Three-dimensional airflow evenly heats or cools the room. Infrared sensors will enable you to set the system to automatically turn off the system if no movement has been detected in the room for 20 minutes.

Daikin Air Conditioners Advantages

  • The economical reverse cycle air conditioner can be used in cold and hot seasons.
  • The wall-mounted design allows you to free up space on the floor for furniture.
  • Smart air purification technology kills harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold, and also eliminates strong odors in the room.
  • The combination of vertical and horizontal swing blinds allows you to effectively air conditioning in large rooms.

Daikin Nexura Series

Daikin Nexura focuses more on cold climates. It includes heating and cooling functions but is more effective as a heater. The floor arrangement avoids wall chipping for fixing. Stylish design with smooth lines fits perfectly into modern residential and office interiors. High efficiency is combined with a quiet motor to make it comfortable in the room.

Daikin Air Conditioners Advantages

  • A reverse cycle air conditioner will maintain a uniform temperature in your home all year round.
  • When heated, the front panel of the radiator also heats up. This makes the Nexura air conditioner even more like a conventional heater.
  • Smart air filtration technology allows people with breathing problems to use the air conditioner. The model eliminates not only strong odors by working as an extractor fan, but also kills harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • The powerful heating mode allows you to create a comfortable temperature in the room in a few minutes.
  • The system selects the optimal fan speed automatically.
  • The warranty for air conditioning lasts 5 years.
Daikin Floor Standing Series

The multifunctional floor air conditioner is excellent for small to medium-sized rooms. Up to 14 indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit. For the most uniform distribution of airflows, two ventilation holes are used at the top and bottom of each unit. Enhanced power modes are provided for accelerated heating or cooling of the room, as well as an energy-saving mode.

Daikin Air Conditioners Advantages

  • Long and flexible ducts allow you to equip homes with complex layouts.
  • The compact size of the outdoor unit does not spoil the appearance of the house and does not interfere with neighbors.
  • The energy efficiency level complies with MEPS standards.
  • On each indoor unit, individual temperature parameters can be set.
  • Infrared tracking sensors allow you to put the equipment into energy-saving mode when there are no people in the room.
  • There is a silent night mode.
  • The system is guaranteed for 5 years.

Another advantage of the Q-Series range is improved airflow control. The units are equipped with double flaps and wide-angle blinds. Acting in the heating mode, a specialized flap directs warm air to the floor. Thus, the air flows better mixed and spread indoors. Valves are also involved in this process, in which shift heat flows down even more.

If the air conditioner is in cooling mode, the flap remains in the indoor unit. From there, it pushes a stream of cold air into the room. Blinds are made of elastic material, which also positively affects the mixing of air. The system does not supply direct flow to a person in a room. Vertical and horizontal swings form a three-dimensional direction.