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The BRC1E62 is a type of remote control. It can be used with almost all Daikin systems (except of heavy duty commercial systems). This remote control has variety of different functions. 

Daikin BRC1E62 advantages

  • Can be used for all Daikin air conditioning systems*
  • Advanced off-on timer settings
  • Easy to install
  • Error code history saving
  • Remote with convenient LCD screen
  • The warranty on parts and installation lasts 5 years.
  • You can control the temperature, speed and volume of the airflow, humidity, set the time settings.
BRC1E62 Functional Features
BRC1E62 supports monitoring of operations, generates error reports. Available planning of the device by time and day. You can adjust the fan speed, temperature, and airflow direction. The display menu is customizable from simple to advanced. For different time intervals and days, as well as for different rooms, you can set different values. Unnecessary buttons can be disabled. There is an automatic transition to summertime.

BRC1E62 Typical error codes

  • L3 -increase in temperature inside the control box
  • L4-increase in the temperature of the radiator of the power transistor
  • L5 - DC overload at the output (short-term)
  • L6 - overload on the alternating current at the output (short-term)
  • L7 - high input current
  • L9 - warning stop.

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