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An energy-efficient mini-split system is suitable for creating a comfortable microclimate in any room of the house. Unlike the ducted reverse cycle system, the wall-mounted model allows you to set the desired temperature for buildings of complex configuration or a separate room. Outdoor and indoor units have a stylish design, small size and do not violate the aesthetic perception of the house. This type of air conditioner is suitable for cooling or heating one zone.

Daikin FTXS46L Advantages

  • It is possible to cool the interior of a house at outdoor temperatures from -15 ° C to 45 ° C. The room can be heated at an outdoor temperature above 5 ° C. If desired, the wi-fi kit can be added to split system later after installation. In this case the user want to control it from mobile phone.
  • The variable speed of the compressor saves electricity.
  • Invertor technology provides constant maintenance of stable air temperature.
  • The compact design of the outdoor and indoor units allows you to place them in any design ideas.
  • The corrosion-resistant coating extends the life of the equipment.
  • Air filters are protected against mold.
FTXS46L Functional Features
Existence of the Econo and Stand-by modes. Automatic rotation of air guides for uniform mixing of flows. Night mode. The ability to turn on a separate fan or drying mode. Automatic shutdown of the system if the motion sensors do not detect air vibrations for 20 minutes.

Technical description

  • Cooling capacity is 4.6 kilowatts
  • Heating power is 5.1 kilowatts
  • The fan has 5 speeds
  • The system serves an area of ​​30-50 meters square
  • The noise level of the indoor unit is 30-44 dB
  • The noise level of the outdoor unit is 44-48 dB
  • Minimum outdoor temperature for heat is -15 ° C
  • The warranty lasts for 5 years.

Daikin FTXS46L error codes

  • JA - malfunction of the discharge sensor
  • JH - oil temperature sensor malfunction
  • JC - malfunction of the suction pressure sensor.

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