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Daikin Air Conditioners

An excellent Daikin air conditioners model for small rooms or in places where there is not enough free space. Particularly compact design is complemented by maximum functionality. The reverse cycle equipment can be used as a heater or for cooling rooms.

The technology meets the MEPS energy efficiency standards, which will allow you to reduce the cost of paying for electricity, compared with other air conditioner brands.

Daikin Air Conditioners Advantages

  • The SLIM-LINE model allows upgrading an already installed duct system without completely replacing it.
  • Airflow is automatically adjusted to maintain a uniform temperature in the room.
  • The function of reverse suction and return air allows you to install the system in homes of any layout.
  • The model provided a condensate pump to prevent corrosion of metal parts when installing the air conditioner in areas with high humidity.
  • All users receive a warranty of 5 years after installation.


  • This model is not intended for use in large rooms.
Daikin Slim-Line Ducted Technical features
The ducted air conditioner is equipped with a reverse cycle system. The client can choose the power: 5.0 kW, 6.0 kW, 7.1 kW, 8.5 kW, 10.0 kW, 12.5 kW, 14.0 kW. The height of the ducts is 245 mm, which allows you to install the system in a confined space. The fan runs on direct current with a static pressure of 150 Pa. The system uses the R32 refrigerant.

Basic error codes

  • M1 PCB system error
  • M8 System error transferring data between central controllers.

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