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Among the variety of Daikin split systems, the Alira series stands out by its stylish design that blends into modern décor. The wall-mounted systems are designed to fit any progressive surroundings. All systems in the series are reverse cycle, and their capacity range varies between 2 and 9.4 kW.

Daikin Alira air conditioning and energy efficiency

In terms of energy star rating, models FTXV20UVMA and FTXV25UVMA show the best results. The former has 5 stars for cooling and 5.5 for heating, while the latter has 5.5 for cooling and 5 for heating. With each one kilowatt increase in capacity, the energy efficiency decreases. The FTXM95PAVMA model with the highest wattage of 9.4 kW has an energy star rating of 2. It is worth mentioning that heating capacity is slightly higher than cooling capacity.

Features and functions

Daikin Alira lineup has another distinctive feature that can be appreciated by those who suffer from various allergies and asthma. Alongside a standard air-purifying filter, the Alira series is equipped with Titanium Apatite Deodorizing one. Two-stage filtration means that the system absorbs and deactivates microorganisms and eliminates unpleasant odors. There are other useful features that Daikin Alira air conditioning can offer.

  • Besides a motion sensor, the series has a 2-Area Intelligent Eye. It directs the airflow either towards a person or away from to provide draught-free comfort.
  • The outdoor module is equipped with a humidification unit that extracts moisture from the outside air and disperses it indoors.
  • When needed, intelligent capacity control mixes indoor air with dehumidified outdoor air, thus reducing humidity.

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