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The lineup is a reverse cycle and intended for cooling and heating small areas. Unlike other split system lineups, the Zena series has only a few models in its range. There are four capacity options:

  • 5 kW for cooling and 3.2 kW for heating,
  • 5 kW for cooling and 3.7 kW for heating,
  • 5 kW for cooling and 6.0 kW for heating,
  • 6 kW for cooling and 7.2 kW for heating.

However, they come in two colors – a smooth curved faceplate with a chic white hairline (if you prefer the conventional style), or with a more stylish black wood finish.

Daikin Zena air conditioning and energy saving

If you are looking for an energy-efficient unit sufficient for a small room, the FTXJ25TVMAW model might be a reasonable choice. It has a 5.5 energy rating for cooling and a 5-star rating for heating. For larger areas, it is preferable to utilize the FTXJ35TVMAW model as it has higher cooling and heating capacity. At the same time, its energy efficiency is quite impressive: a 4-star rating for cooling and 4.5 for heating. The price range for the Zena series starts with a bit higher values. But, in the long run, you will win because electricity cost never goes down.

Features and functions

Comparing Daikin Zena air conditioning with other split system lineups, you can find two advantages, not available in other series. First, it is equipped with Flash Steamer Technology that decomposes bacteria and mold trapped inside the filter. It involves advanced plasma electric discharging that provides ionization. Second, Grid Eye Sensor examines the floor temperature while heating and directs airflow to provide even temperature across the room.

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