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Daikin L Series

Daikin has developed a unique range of premium equipment. All models from this line have maximum functionality. The brand used a new generation of inverter technology in production.

How does it work?

Daikin Q-Series air conditioners automatically adjust the engine speed according to the temperature set by the user. The working indoor unit is determined by two parameters that specify the rotation speed:

  1. The minimum frequency;
  2. The maximum frequency.

If the user selects the speed manually, the system automatically starts using additional parameters.

What does the user get?

Daikin Q-Series air conditioners can operate in low or high forced cooling and heating modes. Power consumption varies depending on the set temperature and the outside temperature. At startup, the compressor rotates faster. This allows you to heat or cool the room quickly. Then the speed gradually decreases. Thus, the air conditioner maintains the achieved parameters. This function is based on the principle of energy conservation. If the engine shuts off completely, it will take more electricity to reach the goal again and again.

Daikin Q series features

Thanks to the designated frequency limits, four-way valve compensation and input current control, the manufacturer provided:

  • Compressor protection;
  • Monitoring of peak values;
  • Frost protection;
  • Infinitely adjustable cooling and heating.

Design Features

Another advantage of the Q-Series range is improved airflow control. The units are equipped with double flaps and wide-angle blinds. Acting in the heating mode, a specialized flap directs warm air to the floor. Thus, the air flows better mixed and spread indoors. Valves are also involved in this process, in which shift heat flows down even more.

If the air conditioner is in cooling mode, the flap remains in the indoor unit. From there, it pushes a stream of cold air into the room. Blinds are made of elastic material, which also positively affects the mixing of air. The system does not supply direct flow to a person in a room. Vertical and horizontal swings form a three-dimensional direction.