Mitsubishi air conditioners of this brand are divided into five categories: wall, console split systems, bulkheads, ceiling, and multi-head split systems. Such an extensive selection allows the use of Mitsubishi systems to maintain a comfortable microclimate in rooms of any purpose and area.

Mitsubishi Electric Split System

Mitsubishi Electric Split System

The manufacturer has developed several lines of various capacities and designs. But all are united by the presence of the Plasma Duo filter system for cleaning and deodorizing the air. All equipment is equipped with i-See Sensor and Catechin antibacterial filters with a fresh scent.
Popular models:

  • EF Series
  • FB Series
  • FH Series
  • GE Series
  • GL Series
  • GN series (cooling only).

The latter option is sold in a black case and produces noise at only 21 dBA. Also, the air conditioner can be controlled via a smartphone by connecting it to the system using Wi-Fi. Prices are in the range of $ 1000-3000.

Mitsubishi Electric Multi-Split Systems

Mitsubishi air conditioner is designed to create a comfortable temperature in several rooms at the same time. All internal blocks are connected to one external, to avoid excessive clutter of the outer walls of the house. Together, 2-6 blocks with a total capacity of 5.2 kW-15.5 kW can work. The external unit can be connected to cassette, ceiling, and wall air conditioners.

Versatile multi-split design: Lets you pick the model best suited to your interior design. Choose from a combination of indoor unit. Including wall-mounted, floor standing, ceiling concealed, bulkhead concealed, ceiling cassette or ceiling suspended.

Stylish multi split design: Enhances exterior aesthetics because only one outdoor unit is needed.

Quiet operation (Silent mode): With the MXZ outdoor unit, the outside operating noise is just 44dB (in cooling mode).

Mitsubishi Electric Console

The model is different on the wall, but near the floor. This is an ideal option for rooms where you need to save space since the dimensions of the console are 750 * 600 * 215 mm. At low speeds, the noise level does not exceed 19 dB. The cost of air conditioners from this series ranges from $ 1500 to $ 3000.

The only basic model has a wide power range: 2.3 kW-13 kW. Benefits:

  • Dimensions allow fitting into the ceiling panel of 2 m².
  • The timer can be programmed for seven days.
  • The system can be controlled via a mobile application using Wi-Fi.
  • The cost depends on power and ranges from $ 1700-6000.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning Typical errors

  • P1 – Intake sensor error
  • P2 – Pipe (TH5) sensor error
  • P4 – Drain sensor error / Float switch connector (CN4F) open.

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