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The ducted reverse cycle system is suitable for servicing large houses with several floors. Accurate calculation and proper installation of the system can greatly reduce operating costs. When properly installed, the model provides a high level of SEERĀ (Seasonal energy efficiency ratio).

Inverter technology helps to stabilize temperature and efficiently redistribute power.

FDYQ100LB-AY Technical description

  • The model is compatible with the Daikin One+ smart thermostat and Daikin Airbase (wi-fi controller)
  • The cooling and condensate drainage system avoid frost in cold areas.
  • Metal parts are coated with anti-corrosion enamel.
  • Capacity is from 10 to 25 kilowatts
  • The ducted reverse cycle air conditioning warranty is valid for 5 years.
The thermostat provides two-way communication with Daikin HVAC systems. Inverter technology allows you to control fluid flow, select the required power, reduce noise and control electricity costs. The speed of the compressors can be adjusted or set automatically. Indoor fan can be set with variable speed.

FDYQ100LB-AY Outdoor unit error codes

  • E0-tripped protective device (general)
  • E1 outdoor circuit board malfunction
  • E3-triggered high-pressure sensor (HPS)
  • E4-triggered low-pressure sensor (LPS)
  • E5-compressor motor overload, overheating relay
  • E6-overcurrent compressor motor lock.

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