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Holly van der Loo
Holly van der Loo
We had a difficult placement of our air conditioning unit and we were so grateful for the team and their work. Cannot recommend ABC Air Conditioning enough!
Vitaly and Victor did an excellent job installing two air conditioning units in our apartment. They started early on the job on a 40+ degree day and explained the setup for us and completed the job with professionalism. They worked through hot weather without complaint. Highly recommended! Thank you both.
Elaine Leong
Elaine Leong
Victor and Vitaly arrived promptly at agreed time. Air conditioning was installed and instructions explained clearly. Excellent service!
Anthony Chambers
Anthony Chambers
Very professional installation and an excellent finished product. I highly recommend them.
Johno V
Johno V
Had 2 aircons installed by the guys, they are reliable and do great work, would recommend!
James Yeandel
James Yeandel
Can't rate these guys highly enough. Did a great job and a really great price. Easy to deal with, good communication and on time.
Ann Deacon
Ann Deacon
From start to finish, Victor and Vitaly were a pleasure to deal with. Professional and friendly, they installed 5 split systems with difficult access without any issues. I would highly recommend using their services.
Admin Shotcrete Australia
Admin Shotcrete Australia
Highly recommend ABC Air. Victor and Vitaly are extremely professional and their finished work was excellent. Great service and communication throughout.
Ben Shine
Ben Shine
Victor and Vitaly from ABC Air were excellent. We had a ducted and split system installed in our home and they were responsive, professional and competitive on price. They went above and beyond during the installation. We are really happy with the outcome and wouldn't hesitate recommending them.
Lisl Woodman
Lisl Woodman
Victor and Vitaly are great. Responsive and professional! Would highly recommend!

Split Systems installation is providing you with cooling and heating equipment, depending on the season. The simplest option for split systems is conventional wall-mounted air conditioning. It is cheaper and easier to install than ducted air conditioning.

Before installing air conditioning, it is necessary to evaluate all the features of the room: the material of the walls, the layout of the house, the number of floors, and so on. For split air conditioning, it is enough to choose the power of the equipment following the room area.

Abc Air is installing split air conditioning

Why split system air conditioning installation from ABC Air?

The air conditioning is an essential part of our live. It cools down the place during hot summer days and brings the warm air during winter time.

The Global Waming is coming and average temperature during the summer time is rising slowly but surely every year.

Air conditioning is one of important services along with electrical and plumbing. It is hard to live without a/c especially here in Sydney where the summer temperature can be over 50 degrees.

The best way to be independant from weather conditions is to install a split system for your house, apartment or office so you can work or rest in comfort. When you get an a/c system installed you also notice that amount of the dust inside your place would be significantly less than before. Thats because the ac is working correctly with all doors and windows closed and dust just cant get inside the space.

Another great bonus that the noise from the cars and motorbikes wont disturb your sleep and that is really importnat if you live next to busy road. It is important that your air conditioning system is instaleld by qualifyed and licensed trade person. Only using the certified people will make your ac to last for a long time and it wont break down at at the most inopportune moment.

Using of unlicensed installers will void the manufacturers warranty.

Our company offers supply and installation pack so it is easier for our customers.

But also we do installation only if the customer already has an a/c equipment and looking for installation only. Also we do installation of used ac system (contact us for more details).

It is very important to have the right size of the aircon installed for your place. The undersize ac unit wont be efficient and will have to work longer and stronger and it will affect the lasting of the aircon. From another side the oversize ac unit will take a lot of unnesessary energy.

Our specialists have the great experience and will help you to chooce the right size of the aircon considering your needs and installation conditions.

What we do during the installation (in general):

  • We cover our with the droopsheets and plastic film to protect floor, walls, ceiling and furniture from dust and scratches.
  • We move furniture (and put it back after we fininsh) from our way just not to damage it with the tools. We drill the walls for pipes, cables and drain run.
  • We run and connect pipes and cables between indoor and outdoor unit and cover it with the colourbond trunking (outside) and plastic (inside).
  • We do all checks and test to make sure everything is working correctly.
  • We clean up after installation. and many many other things…
  • Our team will do any types of installation from basic back-to-back installations to the most complicated cases.

All a/c system we supply and install are the latest model and straight from the manufacturer. The new generation of air conditioners Work almost silently and takes much less energy than the previos generations. Also new aircons can maintain the set temperature with the great accuracy to avoid sharp temerature drops.

Every a/c system can be equipped with the wi-fi modules so you can adjust the temperature from the smartphone. Apart from the main functions like coolling/heating the airconditioner does an important things such as: – filtering the air in the room and eliminate the dust and particles -ionization -dry the air (dehumidification).

This one is very important when the weather comes to hot and humid season in January-Febuary.

Air conditioning installation Pros
In large industrial buildings and villas, ducted air conditioning, such as the Daikin brand, is more often installed. In smaller apartments and offices, it’s cheaper to install split systems air conditioning, and it’s also easier to maintain.
  • Inverter technology allows you to maintain a stable temperature in the room throughout the year with changing seasons. Users control the speed of the compressor, thereby reducing energy costs.
  • Daikin split systems are cheaper than ducted air conditioning. Therefore, for small apartments, offices, or rooms, this is the ideal solution. Also, the price varies depending on the number of indoor units.
  • One unit controls the temperature in one room. Therefore, in different places in the same apartment or house, you can maintain a different microclimate for the comfort of all family members.
  • Daikin split systems have built-in filters to improve indoor air quality. This feature is necessary for homes where there are children, the elderly, residents with asthma or allergies. Daikin split systems help control not only temperature but also air humidity.

One of the most economical brands among split systems is Daikin air conditioning. With an average power consumption of 2.5 kW, electricity costs amounted to about $ 270 per year. The creation of the microclimate of a small room was taken into account. How variable factors were taken into account:

  • Heating for 4 months a year;
  • Cooling for 2 months a year;
  • The operating mode is 7 hours a day.

The data are indicative and may vary depending on the wishes of the owners of the house, the thickness, and material of the walls, climatic factors of a particular region.

Price for air conditioning supply and installation in Sydney can vary due installation conditions and sometimes the installation itself can be more expensive than ac equipment.

The cheap installation doesnt mean its quality and you might end up by paying more than you expected. By using the cheapest installers there is a possibility that installed ac equipment can be installed incorrectly and you need to pay more to fix it.

Our company can give you a quote for installation (or supply and installaion) based on installation conditions. Thats why it is important for us to see the place and check installation conditions before we can provide you with the quote.

To give you a rough idea about ac installation cost you can have a look at our page or give us a call. We are always happy to help you.

The key parameter that sets the air conditioning installation price is the type and the size of the air conditioning system.

The type and the size of the system require different method of installation. Ducted system installation will cost much more than single split system installation.

For example the standart size of the split system for a bedroom is 2,5kw (considering standart heatload) and the prices for supply and installation start from $1500.

For the ducted system supply and installation cost would be more as more work and materials involved.

Our company can do different type of the aircons and our specialists will help you to pick up the right system and the right size of the ac that will fit your needs.

The most expensive types of ac equipment are:

  • ducted systems
  • multi systems
  • cassette air conditioners

The simplest and cheapest types:

  • wall mounted split systems
  • floor standing systems

Also the cost of ac installation depends on the season. It is quiet during the winter time so the installation wold cost less than during the summer time especially when everyone is booked for next couple of months.

Some customers already bought the ac systems and looking for an installation service only. We can help you with that and give you a warranty on installation and equipment.

Quality air conditioning solutions

We do what we love and love what we do. We are air conditioning company based in Sydney.

Standard single storey back-to-back split system installation

In this case, system have two units, one inside and outside the house. The external unit has a safety switch, and the electrical connections are hidden under a PVC pipe. Before installation, the specialist checks whether the power of the switchboard is sufficient to connect air conditioning).

Standard double storey split system installation

If the internal split system unit is installed at the second-floor level, two options are provided for mounting the external unit:

  • At the bottom of the building;
  • On the second floor (the cost of an additional bracket is calculated separately).

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