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When it comes to technologies that make our life more comfortable and healthier, we should opt for replacing old appliances with new ones just as we replace outdated mobile phones and computers. Like the new gadgets allow us to enjoy pleasant and new experiences, a better air conditioner can improve our lives in so many ways. Air conditioning replacement is particularly vital when the system does not do the job and costs you more than it should.

Switching to more advanced technology allows you to create optimal conditions indoor for any activities: sleeping, exercising, working, and others.

Quality services of the whole cycle: installation, maintenance, and repair

Based in Rozelle, we operate throughout Sydney and offer air conditioning systems like Daikin, Fujitsu and others that have proved to be the most reliable and energy-saving. For more than ten years, we have been providing professional assistance to residential and commercial property owners.

Throughout our experience in assisting with repairs of old units, our specialists witnessed situations when owners have to pay more for running old systems than installing a new one. That is why we highly recommend replacing old air conditioners with more advanced models so that you can enjoy life to the fullest and significantly reduce electricity bills.

Professional replacement of split and ducted systems regardless of complexity

ABC Air Conditioning is a team of dedicated professionals who love their job and provide a friendly service at an affordable price. We are your local specialists who will leave your property neat and tidy, cleaning up all the rubbish afterward.

Our experts will go over all crucial details making sure that you understand how the new system works. 

Depending on the state of the various components of the system, our technicians can either replace the unit or perform the total replacement of the system, including ducting and zoning. As our team consists only of professionals specializing in their field of expertise, all our services are licensed and insured.


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We are fully licensed and certified and have experience in split systems installation for over 10 years. For a detailed consultation or to schedule an air conditioning installation, call or leave an online application on the website.


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