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Depends on the size of the unit and person doing the job

Lets Start:

  • Make sure your Unit is completely dry
  • Unplug or disconnect your unit from all power sources
  • Cover the entire model with tarp or shield cleaning cloth
  • Detach the entire paneling system and remove the actual filters themselves
  • Wash the Air Filter with vigorous effort, but not to break
  • Make sure to always check for bacteria and scum and their filters

Can I do it myself?

Acquiring a hose with some decent water pressure firmly, and spraying the unit from the outside in or the inside and working your way out, can easily erase grime and lime buildup of mold and mildew from the side vents (Called fins)of your unit.

Always remember that if the unit is too large or the job seems a bit too tedious and needs the overseeing of a professional, please don’t hesitate to call an HVAC pro.

They may end up saving your day and your pockets thousands. You don’t want to accidentally damage your unit in any way shape or form.


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