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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners Benefits

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People more often think about buying an air conditioner in the summer. During the hot season, it is easy to forget about heating in the winter months. Nevertheless, it is better to take this nuance into account in advance. Air conditioning with heating function is the most profitable solution. 
Most regions of Australia have seasonal temperature fluctuations. Even living in a mild climate, people face night frosts. In some areas, increased humidity is added to temperature differences, in others, too dry air is a problem. Excessive dust leads to additional stress on the lungs. 
The reverse integrated into the air conditioning system allows you to change modes with the touch of a button on the remote control. This solution saves space. People do not need to install two types of equipment. Reverse cycle air conditioners are also more energy-efficient compared to standard heaters. Read about all the benefits later in this article.

Winter heating

A conventional electric or gas heater generates thermal energy from scratch. It takes a lot of time. A large amount of natural resources is also consumed. In addition to not very high efficiency, users of this type of equipment are forced to agree to high operating costs.
A reverse cycle air conditioner operates in a completely different way. The system collects heat from the outside air and pumps it into the room. Air undergoes additional filtration. It does not mean that heating is possible only at a favorable temperature outside. The mechanism works like this:

  • The refrigerant passes through an external coil and absorbs heat from the outside air
  • The same refrigerant is pumped through the compressor into the fan coil inside the house
  • Heat is generated in the room

Modern models can effectively heat homes at -15 ֯ C outdoor temperature.

Cooling and ventilation in the summer

Using a reversible air conditioner, there is no need to hide a heater in the cabinet every time the street warms sharply. Moreover, modern models can only be used to improve air circulation. And if it gets scalding, turn on the cooling mode.
The system collects heat from indoor air and dissipates it from the outside. Most air conditioners effectively cope with the task at temperatures up to 46 ֯ C. It is an ideal solution for marine and continental climates. In case of sudden weather changes, it is enough to change the mode on the control panel.

Improved performance in all dimensions

Compared with other types of equipment, reversible air conditioners have improved performance:

  • Energy saving
  • Room heating time
  • Room cooling rates
  • The area where you can create a harmonious climate

The more modern the model, the more energy-saving technologies are used in its production. It significantly reduces the cost of operation and reduces monthly electricity costs. One kW of power consumption produces three or more kW for heating or cooling air. Usually, energy ratings are reflected in unique ratings. Models that mark 5 or more stars are the most economical. The best indicators are air conditioners, designated class 7.

Flexible settings system

For more comfortable use, manufacturers come up with new features. Settings are becoming smoother. You can easily adjust the temperature with an accuracy of 0.5 ֯ C. You can also set the speed and direction of airflow. Modern models are equipped with Wi-Fi. Therefore, adjusting the temperature in the room is not difficult on the way home using a smartphone.
Inverter technology allows you to choose the most energy-saving mode without human intervention. When the user sets the desired temperature, the air conditioner sets this indicator in the room for 15-20 minutes. Time depends on the area of ​​the room. Next, the system selects the optimal engine speed at which the temperature will remain unchanged. In this case, there is no fluctuation, as with a complete engine stop. And since there is no need to re-cool or warm large volumes of air, the equipment consumes less electricity.

To dive deaper into installation proccess read our DIY guide.

Increased efficiency compared to portable heaters

Portable electric heaters are usually less expensive than reverse cycle wall-mounted air conditioners. But this is an apparent benefit. By paying less upon purchase, the user spends more costly electricity bills. After a few months, the cost is identical. And after a few years, air conditioners are much cheaper.
Moreover, air conditioning systems can heat significantly larger areas. In this case, the temperature in the room is distributed and maintained uniform. Heaters can heat air only a few square meters around them. After disconnecting the appliance from the mains, the air quickly cools again.

One device equals a double benefit

This class of equipment combines two devices. In one building are air conditioning and heater. To switch the mode, just make one click. In some areas of Australia, the weather outside changes so often that residents have to take turns using the air conditioning and heater throughout the day.

Clean air is the key to your health

Manufacturers equip modern air conditioning systems with air filters. Different classes of filters are capable of:

  • Purify air by trapping particles of dust
  • Decompose unpleasant odors by pulling them out of the room or preventing them from entering the house from the street
  • Disinfect bacteria and viruses
  • Humidify or dry the air as needed

Therefore, the contribution to proper air conditioning is primarily a concern for health, and in the second, an investment in comfort.

Silence and comfort

When it comes to heating or cooling systems, perfect climate control is a crucial factor that can affect the comfort of your home, but it’s not the only one. The noise level during operation can also change the level of comfort. Some manufacturers of reverse-cycle air conditioning systems are investing and developing technologies to reduce noise levels in all their devices and maximize family comfort at all levels.

Environmentally friendly

Most old-style air conditioners run on R410A refrigerant. More efficient and more ecologically friendly is R32 refrigerant. It is him who uses the Daikin brand in his split systems with 7 stars energy efficiency.

Professional installation bonus

When choosing a reverse air conditioner, consult a professional. They will calculate the necessary capacity based on the needs of each house, apartment, or office. The optimal model will allow you to use the most energy-efficient settings. It is another way to save in the future.

Bottom line

You have seen many benefits of reverse cycle air conditioners. If it is possible to get heating, coolness, cost savings, and purified air at the same time, why refuse? Flexible settings allow you to choose the best mode. By continually reducing noise levels, manufacturers are actively striving to reduce it to zero. A wide range of power conditioners provides a wide field of choice. Buyers can most accurately calculate the required performance of the device, which corresponds to the area of ​​their home or office.

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