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5 best Daikin Air Conditioners

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FDYQN71LB-LV Daikin 7.1KW Ducted System

The model has a stylish neutral design and a backlit controller for comfortable night-time temperature control. Cooling power reaches 7.1 kW, the heating power is 7.5 kW. A quiet motor does not distract people in the room. The maximum noise level is 41 dBA. Manufacturers use health-friendly R410A refrigerant. The mass of the indoor unit is 40 kg; the weight of the outdoor unit is 64 kg.

Standard system error codes:

  • A0 – Protective device tripped (general).
  • A1 – Malfunction of the printed circuit board of the indoor unit.
  • A2 – Lock fan motor.

FDYQN100LB-LV Daikin 10KW Ducted System

The average size of the exterior (75 kg) and interior (44 kg) will not spoil the interior and exterior of the house. At the same time, the air conditioner has a capacity of 10.0 kW for cooling and 12.5 kW for heating. The maximum noise level does not exceed 44 dBA. And for a comfortable sleep, a quiet night mode is provided. The latest generation R410A refrigerant is harmless to the health of residents.

General system error codes:

  • A3 – Abnormal drainage level.
  • A4 – Heat exchanger malfunction (temperature).
  • A5 – Abnormal heat exchanger temperature.

FDYQ125LB-LV Daikin 12.5KW Ducted System

The powerful system uses 12.5 kW for cooling and 15 kW for heating. The total length of the pipeline, equal to 75 meters, allows you to install the system in large houses. The noise level at maximum power does not exceed 54 dBA. A stylish backlit controller emphasizes modern design.

Standard system error codes:

  • A6 – Overload fan motor.
  • A7 – Faulty blind drive.
  • A8 – General current overload.

FDYQN140LB-LV Daikin 14KW Ducted System

The compact air conditioner has a heating capacity of 16.5 kW and 14 kW for cooling indoor air. Using a simple controller, you can set any of 15 engine settings. SkyFi system allows you to control the air conditioning inside and outside the building using a mobile application for smartphones iOS and Android.

Usual system error codes:

  • A9 – Defective electronic expansion fan.
  • AA – Heater overheating.
  • AH – dirty air filter.

FDYQN160LA-LV Daikin 16KW Ducted System

One of the most powerful models uses 15.5 kW for cooling and 18 kW for heating a house. Furthermore, the weight of the indoor unit is 61 kg and the outdoor – 108 kg. Noise level at maximum settings does not exceed 50.5 dBA. There is a quiet night mode. The total length of the pipeline is 75 meters.

Standard system error codes:

  • AC – Idling.
  • AJ – Incorrect performance setting (indoor unit).
  • AE – Inadequate water supply.

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