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Mosman is a suburb in Sydney that is known to be of the higher economic status and the administrative centre of Sydney. It’s 8 kilometers from the city centre and is located in New South Wales, Australia.

Mosman is one of the prettiest suburbs around Sydney. It’s just north of the harbour bridge, leafy and full with mesmerizing sea views and harbour walks. Besides being home to one of the most fascinating zoos in the country and having a number of other attractions, you’ll also find that the community is strong and welcoming to visitors. This is evident in just about everything you do.

ABC Air has been installing climate technology for over ten years. Our experts work in all areas of Sydney. Therefore, if you need a Mosman Air Conditioning installation, call us.

We calculate the required power of the equipment and plan the location of the blocks. This is influenced by the wishes of the client and the layout of the house.

After installation, we offer our customers future maintenance of air conditioners. It includes:

  • Cleaning or replacing air filters;
  • Refueling the air conditioner with refrigerant;
  • Pressure check.

We also provide all types of repairs, including dismantling the system. At the same time, ABC Air only works with trusted brands with a high rating. All air conditioners in our catalogue have a warranty period of over five years.

What are the advantages of modern air conditioners?

While installing Mosman Air Conditioning, our employees noticed that many residents still use old systems in this area. In addition to minimal functionality, such units are noisier and consume a lot of electricity.

If you calculate all the costs, it turns out that the purchase and installation of a new energy-saving air conditioner will fully pay off in less than a year. This is because electricity bills are reduced to 50% for each month.

What affects the choice of air conditioning?

ABC Air strongly recommends entrusting the calculation of system power to professionals. To choose the best air conditioning, you need to consider many nuances:

  • Customer wishes for indoor climate;
  • How often people are in a room;
  • Materials and wall thickness;
  • Layout and size of the house;
  • The height of the ceilings;
  • Number of floors;
  • Types of ventilation used;
  • The amount of heat load (for example, the kitchen will require more power);
  • Location of windows and doors and their sizes.

Do you want to order a Mosman Air Conditioning installation? Write to our specialists on the ABC Air website or call us. We will be happy to answer any question regarding air conditioning equipment. If you are firmly determined to complete the work you have begun, we will send you a wizard to calculate the required power of the machine.

Order an air conditioning installation in the Mosman area by phone or leave a request on the site. We will process the order during the working day and our specialist will advise you on all issues and plan a visit at a convenient time for you.


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