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Best Air Conditioner Buying Guide for 2024

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The article describes the climatic equipment functions. The modern climatic technology is designed for 20 and more years of stable exploitation.

The best AC units for you

Mini-split devices are a valid decision for chilling or preheating small placements. A considerable privilege of the air conditioner type is installing inside items in every room, or only in some. All inside blocks are coupled to one external compressor. The more inner blocks the owner plans to set up, the more powerful the outside of the system should be.

Making a ducted air conditioner in already built houses can be a problem. It is not always feasible to implement it without spoiling the interior decoration of the premises. In these cases, setting up mini-systems will be the ideal variant.

Many experts recommend installing a mini-split system in supplementation to central heating and supply and exhaust aeration. In this way, the owner makes the microclimate in the rooms more comfortable. It is appropriate to manage such an air conditioning system. Modern technology is equipped with a mandatory set of functions:

  • Thermostat;
  • Possibility of integrating the device into the Smart Home system;
  • Energy-saving mechanism.

The owner gets an air conditioner, heater, and fan in one unit. It is sufficient to switch the mode with one button. The disadvantages include the cost of installation. But considering that a properly installed mini-split system will work for more than 20 years, the values do not seem so significant.

Since ABC Air is customer-oriented, we have prepared a rating of air conditioners based on our customers' opinions. Many customers have preferred mini-split systems.

Key Takeaways

  • Mini-split systems have indoor units in each room and one outdoor compressor. Good flexibility for multi-room cooling.
  • Benefits vs window/portable ACs: lower noise, better temp control, air purification, stronger airflow, sleeker design.
  • Consider cooling capacity in BTU/kW matched to room size, energy efficiency rating (stars), noise level, modes and features.
  • Leading brands: Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Panasonic. Prices from $1000+. Higher initial cost but greater efficiency long-term.
  • Look for inverter technology for smooth, efficient operation. Quiet modes under 20dB for bedrooms. Add-ons like air purification filters.
  • Installation factors: length of connecting pipes, height difference between indoor & outdoor units. Complex jobs need pros.
  • Regular maintenance like cleaning filters improves airflow and efficiency. Have professionals perform major repairs.
  • For whole home cooling, ducted systems with central unit and ductwork tend to be more effective than room-by-room mini-splits.
  • Consider ducted systems or larger multi-head mini-splits for bigger homes. Window/portable ACs better for spot cooling.

Pros of a mini-split system

Miniature split systems are convenient because they are compact and provide a comfortable microclimate in the dwelling. People often install such a system in additive to an existing heating system to increase its efficiency. If the owner plans to build an extension or renovate the attic, he should buy additional inner blocks. In order not to have to install another outdoor unit, it is needful to take care in advance that it has more power.

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The primary advantages of mini-split systems:

  • Cheaper installation matching to ducted air conditioner;
  • Inside blocks the owner may place anywhere;
  • The variation of blocks is suitable for residential 2-3-story buildings, large hotels, offices, apartments;
  • Several indoor units can be coupled to one powerful outdoor unit;
  • Modern technology offers flexible settings and the ability to control the air conditioner through a mobile application, even without being at home;
  • Manufacturers have expanded the design possibilities for internal enclosures (for example, Mitsubishi Electric makes gray and black blocks);
  • The capacity of such air conditioners is adequate for joint operation with existing heating systems and alone.

Why not just get a window or portable AC?

Window and portable devices may also be comfortable and refine the climate in your dwelling. Moreover, these alternatives are much inexpensive. But mini-split systems have some advantages that make buyers pay attention to this particular option, especially if long-term planning prevails in your budget estimate.

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Advantages of mini-split systems over a window and portable models:

  • The mini-split offers much lower noise levels. An external compressor can make louder sounds than indoor units. But this noise is still much less than from window air conditioners. The compressor rotation volume is comparable to typical human conversation. Therefore, such minimal noise does not distract people in the room or neighbors (even with open windows).
  • Current mini-split systems are equipped with a compressor speed controller. The user can set the settings independently. What's more, the automatic reduction of engine speed when the desired temperature is reached saves energy. Everyone noticed that window and portable air conditioners at a low price cause increased electricity bills.
  • Also, automatic speed reduction in mini-split systems allows you to maintain a smooth temperature in the room. Window and portable air conditioners stop entirely when the temperature reaches the set value. Then the air starts heating up again, and the air conditioner turns on back. Such periodic shutdowns provoke excessive consumption of electricity and the appearance of temperature surges in the room.
  • The mini-split design also envisages a built-in moisture evaporator or, on the contrary, an air humidifier. Customers can choose the style of equipment, depending on the ​​residence (continental or coastal).
  • Mini-split systems are more forceful than a window and portable blocks in moving cooled air into the room. Built-in wide blades and adjustable curtains direct the airflow to one point or urgently spread across the apartment. For example, Mitsubishi Electric has fitted its mini air conditioners with more full blades. Therefore, the place is chilled or reheated two times faster.
  • The design of mini-split ones was developed so that the body took up a minimum of expanse on the wall. Such equipment does not need to be plugged into an outlet and does not take up window space. These properties not only increase the comfort of use but also allow maintaining the elegance of the interior.

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Why should you trust us?

Air conditioning installation Gladesville

ABC Air has been successfully operating for over ten years in all areas of Sydney. We are focused on long-term cooperation with each client, so we try to satisfy everything, even the smallest requests. We also study consumer opinion to improve the range of brands. Our company is the official representative of significant brands of climate technology. Our experts also consider all new products to offer our customers environmentally friendly, robust, and energy-efficient solutions. Installation and dismantling works are carried out by our engineers strictly following the manufacturers' technological schemes. Therefore, we guarantee accuracy and quality installation.

How we picked air conditioning units?

When choosing a AC equipment, we always focus on the wishes of our customers. People do not still know every feature of a particular model. Therefore, ABC Air specialists help determine the list of desired criteria.

These most often include:

  • Noise level. Most people want a quiet air conditioner that won't distract them from work and household chores. The presence of the most silent night mode is necessary for those who live in hot areas. If the temperature remains high at night, it significantly interferes with healthy sleep. If the air conditioner is noisy, then you have to choose between heat and noise. This choice is terrible, anyway.
  • Lightly installation. This criterion is not the most important, since you still have to contact a specialized company. But a significant advantage is the easy maintenance of the system. If the owner can clean or replace the filters on his own, he does not have to call a specialized service technician.
  • Cooling capacity depends on power. We recommend entrusting the calculations to professionals to consider all the characteristics of a home or office. However, not all models are equally energy efficient. The maximum energy efficiency rating is seven stars. Such models cost a little more, but the purchase pays off in just a few months of use. Electricity bills are reduced by 30-50% compared to older climate systems.
  • Do not choose too powerful equipment for small and medium-sized rooms. Such a purchase will become unreasonably expensive, and you will not have a chance to use the maximum power.

8000 BTU equipment is suitable for most placements. If the room has an area of ​​up to 15 m2, then 6000 BTU is enough to maintain a comfortable temperature. For a place more significant than 40 m2, an air conditioner with 12,000 BTU capacity is sufficient.

The best way to test air conditioner

Our experts evaluate air conditioners in all respects. We consider the following to be the most important:

  • Low noise level;
  • Uniformity of air distribution;
  • Fast heating or cooling of the room;
  • Ability to regulate airflows;
  • Fine temperature settings;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Possibility to connect the unit to the Smart Home system.

Before adding a model to our range, we test household air conditioners in a particular climate-controlled chamber. In an experiment, our engineers are simultaneously exploring models of three sizes: small, medium, and large.

We then raise the temperature in the chamber to 90 ° F and measure how long it takes for the air conditioner to lower the temperature by 15 ° F. We also monitor whether the air conditioner is stable at the set temperature. The volume of each block is tested at the lowest and highest settings.

Important factors for comfort

We have already told you why it is essential to choose energy-efficient models. You also know how to calculate the required power. You will be sure to consider the block size and noise level. And now we suggest that you pay additional attention to additional details:

  • Availability of clear instructions from the manufacturer for installation, maintenance, and repair of equipment helps to care for the device properly;
  • The presence of rotatable fans and shutters in the air conditioner design ensures uniform distribution of air flows (or vice versa, directed, if necessary);
  • Extended and longer warranties for the instrument, setting up, and consumables save significant amounts in the future.

If you have chosen a window air conditioner, it is essential to install it correctly. This increases the efficiency of the apparatus. Keep heating appliances away from the air conditioner not to force it to operate at maximum power all the time.

Right AC calculation and call for the specialist to the object

Most mini-split systems, windows, and portable air conditioners have a cooling capacity of 5,000 to 12,500 BTU. When calculating, consider the following room parameters:

  • Space;
  • The size of windows and doors, as well as their number;
  • The material of load-bearing walls and the presence of insulation;
  • Floor and presence of houses in the neighborhood.

Also, take advantage of our practical tips:

  • In a dark room on the north side, reduce the power by 10%.
  • For a place on the sunny side without dark curtains, increase the power by 10%.
  • For rooms with more than two people at all times, add 600 BTUs each.
  • For kitchen air conditioners, increase the capacity by 4,000 BTU.

Split Ductless System Comparison

Some diminutive window devices cost less than $ 200, but the price shouldn't be a deciding criterion. Consider the crucial characteristics of popular mid-power models.

ABC Air Choice


Star Ratings ****

Cooling Power 3,5-3,7 kW

Heating Power 0,9-4,0 kW

Waranty 5 Years

Price 1800-1900 USD

Brand  Daikin Daikin Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi Electric Fujitsu Fujitsu Panasonic  Panasonic 
Type Outdoor Indoor  Outdoor Indoor  Outdoor Indoor  Outdoor Indoor 
Outdoor/Indoor size 550x675x284  285x770x223 550x800x285 299 x 798 x 219 540 × 790 × 290 268 × 840 × 203 542 x 780 x 289 290 x 799 x 197
Max Pipe Length 20m   20m   20m   20m  
Max Level Difference 15m   12m   15m   15m  
Sound Level (H/SL) 47/43 42/19 50/64 45/19 49/67 42 49/50 44/19
Warranty 5 Years   5 Years   5 Years   5 Years  
Star rating 4   3.5   3.5   4  
E.E.R/C.O.P 3.85/4.30   4.55/4.57   4.07/4.57   4.38/4.63  

The Best air conditioner overall

Daikin FTXF35TVMA air conditioner.

R32 refrigerant – the environmenally friendly alternative.
Economical comfort – in both cooling and heating functions.
Whisper quiet operation – ideal for work or sleeping areas
Lifestyle convenience – easy to use remote control
Compact size
Coanda airflow – guiding cooled air up across the ceiling, reducing drafts and providing speedy temperature reductions.

Standart AC features

Daikin Air conditioner

On/Off Timer, Quiet mode, Econo mode, Powerful mode, Comfort mode, Programmable Dry Function, up/down swing louvre, 3D flow

Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioner

On/Off timer, i-save mode, night mode, quiet operation mode, long airflow, The up/down louvre automatically swings up and down.

Fujitsu Air conditioner

The up/down louvre automatically swings up and down, sleep timer, economy mode, on/off timer, human sensor

Panasonic Air conditioner

Econo mode, quiet mode, personal airflow creation, powerful mode, on/off timer, soft dry operation mode, airflow direction control (up/down)

Air conditioner buying guide

Daikin brand is renowned for its reliability but has a price higher than the market average. Consider the performance of one of the most popular mini-split systems FTXF35TVMA:

  • The external block has dimensions 550x675x284 mm;
  • Dimensions of the inner case are 285x770x223 mm;
  • The maximum length of the pipe connecting the indoor and outdoor units is 20 m;
  • The limiting level difference between the external compressor and the inner casing is 15 m;
  • The maximum noise level of the outdoor and indoor units are respectively 47/43 and 42/19 dB;
  • The warranty for the block is five years.

Our customers gave this model an average rating of 4 stars. Standard features of this air conditioner include a timer, quiet mode, Econo mode, powerful mode, comfort mode, programmable dry function, up and down swing louver.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is considered one of the most stylish brands. If you want to get a modern interior where the air conditioner fits perfectly, pay attention to the range of this manufacturer. Consider one of the most popular models:

  • Outdoor block MUZ-AP35VG has a size of 550x800x285 mm;
  • Indoor housing MSZ-AP35VG is smaller and has dimensions of 299 x 798 x 219 mm;
  • The maximum length of the pipe connecting the indoor and outdoor units is 20 m;
  • The limiting level difference between the outdoor compressor and the inner casing is 12 m;
  • The maximum noise level of the outdoor and indoor units is 50/64 and 45/19 dB, respectively;
  • The warranty for the equipment is five years.

The average user rating by the sum of all parameters is 3.5 stars. Among the manufacturer's standard functions are a timer, i-save mode, night mode, quiet operation mode, long airflow, and louver automatically swings up and down.

Fujitsu Air conditioning buying guide

The Fujitsu brand is also worth considering as their air conditioners have exciting additional features. Among the standard indicators are:

  • Outdoor block AOTG12KMCA has dimensions of 540 × 790 × 290 mm;
  • Indoor block ASTG12KMCA has a body size of 268 × 840 × 203 mm;
  • The maximum length of the pipe connecting the indoor and outdoor units is 20 m;
  • The limiting level difference between the external compressor and the inner casing is 15 m;
  • The maximum noise level of the outdoor and indoor units is 49/67 and 42 dB, respectively;
  • The warranty for the equipment is five years.

The average rating, according to our users, is 3.5 stars. Our technicians noted an automatic louver, which swings up and down, sleep timer, economy mode, timer, and human sensor.


Panasonic also offers a quality range. One of the popular models has the following characteristics:

  • Outdoor case CU-RZ35VKR has dimensions 542 x 780 x 289 mm;
  • Indoor unit CS-RZ35VKR has dimensions of 290 x 799 x 197 mm;
  • The maximum length of the pipe connecting the indoor and outdoor units is 20 m;
  • The limiting level difference between the external compressor and the inner casing is 15 m;
  • The maximum noise level of the outdoor and indoor units is 49/50 and 44/19 dB, respectively;
  • The warranty for the air conditioner is five years.

Rating among buyers is four stars. Users will receive the following features in the kit: Econo mode, quiet mode, personal airflow creation, powerful mode, timer, soft dry operation mode, airflow direction control (up / down).

Air conditioning video

To make it easier for our customers to choose, we have created an interactive buying guide. The video contains complete information about the most common types of air conditioners. You can go directly to the section that interests you.

To conclude: Consider all your options before buying

Portable air conditioners

Most models have capacities from 9,000 to 15,500 BTUs. They are suitable for temporary use or in rooms where it is impossible to install a window air conditioner or split system. Portable models are noisy and consume a lot of electricity. The price ranges from $300 to $700.

Window AC

Power ranges from 5,000 to 12,500 BTUs. They are suitable for rooms up to 40 m2. Most models are inconvenient to install. The price depends on the size and varies between $ 150-600.

Ducted Systems

The cost of equipment varies from $ 2,500 to $ 15,000. Installation will cost an additional $ 1500-5400 depending on the size of the house, length and number of ducts. If the installation is not done during the construction phase, then additional costs will arise. Ducted Systems provide uniform air cooling, allow you to set different temperatures in different rooms. Indoor units take up very little space.

Air Conditioning FAQ

What is a portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner (PAC) is a small, self-contained unit. It is ideal for cooling individual rooms. Most of the models are floor-standing and equipped with wheels for easier movement around the house.

Are portable air conditioners worth it?

If you only need to cool one room, a portable air conditioner is less expensive than a central system that chills the entire house. The PAC is ideal for dehumidifying indoor air.

How do portable air conditioners work?

PACs draw in warm air, cool it, and release cool air currents from the front of the unit. Moist air becomes drier as it passes through the PAC. Remaining warm air and moisture escape from the rear and must be removed from the room.

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