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A single-zone mini-split system is an ideal choice for maintaining a comfortable micro climate in one room. The small outdoor (550 x 765 x 285) and indoor units (295 x 800 x 215) work almost silently. Also, the system is easy to place in buildings with any layout and walls of any materials. At the same time, the capacity of reverse cycle air conditioning is 2.5 kilowatts.

Daikin FTXS25L Functional Settings

  • Automatic Econo and Stand-by modes.
  • Horizontal and vertical swing of louvers for adjustment of air streams.
  • Automatic fan speed.
  • Night mode.
  • Separate drying, humidification or ventilation.
  • Such a split system is suitable for living rooms, garages, basements.
Air conditioning cools or heats the room depending on the season. The cooling mode operates in the range of 5-45 ° C. An additional windproof partition allows you to extend the conditioning interval to an outside temperature of 50 ° C. Heating works at an external air temperature above 5 ° C. An improved drain pan reduces ice build-up in the outdoor unit when placing the system in cold areas. The compressor has a variable speed of rotation. This increases efficiency and reduces energy costs. Inverter technology allows you to automatically adjust the power depending on the system settings. The air filter is allowed to wash. It also has a mold-resistant coating. All metal elements have an anti-corrosion treatment.

Daikin FTXS25L Specifications

  • The indoor unit has a wall mount.
  • 4 fan speeds.
  • The conditioning area is 300 – 525 Ft2.
  • The noise level of the indoor unit is 19 dB, the external – 49 dB.
  • The operating voltage is between 208-230V.

FTXS25L error codes

  • AH - current blocking of the pump
  • EC - anomalous water temperature

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