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ABC AIR employees have been working for 11 years to have a unique climate in Waverly’s homes and offices.

Why do ABC AIR experts highly recommend energy-efficient models?

Modern air conditioners, in most cases, have an energy efficiency class of 5 to 7 stars. This means that they have more exceptional performance and at the same more power than models 5-10 years ago. This effect is achieved by using inverter technology. The inverter system accelerates the compressor to maximum speeds when the air conditioner starts. Further, the motor speed decreases.

This happens when the temperature in the room has reached the set value. Now the air conditioner only maintains the result, which means it consumes even less electricity. This approach applies to equipment that works only for cooling and using reverse technology (heating + cooling).

The district administration requirements for the air conditioners installation

In Sydney, many home management companies take care of apartment residents and prevent the installation of excessively noisy outdoor and indoor units. Local authorities are also concerned about the preservation of architectural aesthetics. Therefore, it is forbidden to place too large outdoor blocks from the street. Such requirements are also put forward by the Waverly district administration.

ABC AIR carefully study each case so that the air conditioner’s power meets the client’s needs, and its design does not spoil the house appearance. If the building has a courtyard, large blocks for multi-split systems serving up to eight indoor units can be placed there. To service large dwellings and industrial buildings, we recommend the use of ducted air conditioners.

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