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Typical Error Codes and their explanations:

  • Outdoor 0-9
  • Indoor E2-E9
  • Chronological Order

Some examples of general Outdoor/Indoor AC codes are 0 (heating mode) and 1 (cooling Mode). Other error codes you may stumble upon are 4 which is a low speed and will flash every thirty seconds or so. Others are 2 being that the compressor has been running for more than twenty minutes. The majority, if not all error codes you’ll experience will come from indoor AC units. Those are, and not limited to the following:


E2-E9 Error Codes

These vary upon unit obviously

  • Fault indoor coil out sensor
  • Fault room sensor(s) (open or closed circuit)
  • Fault indoor coil sensor (open or closed circuit)
  • Communication
  • Faulty Discharge temp
  • Faulty outdoor Coil Sensor
  • High/Low Pressure Sensor

That last one (E9) is for newer models.
Now that we have a general explanation, let’s dig a bit deeper into this contained cultivated sensation.


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