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Mitsubishi SEZ-KD

Mitsubishi SEZ-KD is a model of air conditioners belongs to the household series. It can create household comfort for owners of small and medium-sized apartments. At the same time, the cost of the equipment is also quite democratic.
Main technical characteristics:

  • Compact design allows you to place indoor units in any convenient place on the wall. Their height is only 200 mm.
  • The static pressure inside the housing can be adjusted. Several adjustment steps are provided: 5/15/35/50 Pa.
  • The cooling function is available at outdoor temperatures down to -15oC.
  • The cooling capacity in different versions of the model can be 1.5, 2.5 or 3.2 kW.
  • Heating power of different configurations of one model is 1.3, 2.9, or 4.5 kW.

Mitsubishi SLZ-KA

Mitsubishi SLA-KA is a split system that has an indoor cassette unit. Compact parameters allow the equipment to be discreetly placed on a wall or ceiling cell without significantly changing the interior. The manufacturer uses R 410A freon, ecologically safe for the environment.


  • Inverter technology has been built into the air conditioner to improve the energy efficiency class. This method allows the compressor to be accelerated at the start to cool the room faster. It then automatically slows down to maintain the obtained temperature without hesitation. This reduces the consumption of electricity.
  • The air conditioner works for cooling and heating.
  • A timer was built into the control unit so that it was possible to program the on and off and the temperature in advance.
  • The universal design of the indoor unit in classic white color makes it easy to fit the equipment into any interior.
  • Condensate drainage takes place thanks to a built-in drain pump.

Mitsubishi MLZ-KA

Mitsubishi MLZ-KA is a split system that belongs to the class of air conditioners designed for small spaces. The indoor unit of the multi-split system operates from an outdoor unit, to which several groups of equipment can be connected. This option is suitable for multi-room apartments or for maintaining a high-quality microclimate in hotel rooms.

Factory characteristics:

  • The area of ​​the room that the equipment can effectively cool is 29 m2.
  • Cooling capacity is 2.5 kW.
  • The block height is 175 mm.
  • Indoor units are designed for use in MXZ outdoor unit systems.
  • Heating capacity when the air conditioner is operating in the heating function is 3.4 kW.
  • Maximum air capacity in all modes is 8.8 m3 / h.

Mitsubishi MFZ-KA

This split system differs from most models of similar power in that the indoor unit is installed on the floor. Such an air conditioner is optimal for those cases when, for some reason, there is not enough space on the walls or ceiling to place it. Also, buyers choose floor models so as not to spoil the fancy interior of the house. In this case, the air conditioner easily fits into the overall composition of the room furniture. Indoor units have a sleek design and low noise level at a minimum and medium settings.

Mitsubishi MS-G

This wall-mounted split system only works to cool the room, allowing homeowners to save money. Simultaneously, the power of the equipment is enough to maintain a pleasant microclimate for an area of ​​up to 80 m2. The air conditioner also has many bonus features.

Factory characteristics of Mitsubishi MS-G:

  • The maximum cooling power is 8 kW, while the optimal power consumption at medium settings does not exceed 3.32 kW.
  • Airflow direction adjustment is provided to efficiently cool the entire room or just the room’s desired area.
  • The kit includes a remote control.
  • There is a built-in timer to turn on and off the system automatically.
  • Added Auto restart function.
  • You can select a dehumidification mode that is useful for coastal residents.
  • The fan speed controller allows you to create comfortable airflow and reduce electricity consumption.

Mitsubishi MSH-G

The model is a wall-mounted split system. It is recognized as the gold standard for the maintenance of premises up to 60 m2. Adequate cooling is combined with the economic consumption of electricity. With the regular replacement of filters, the manufacturer’s warranty for trouble-free operation is two years.

Basic specifications:

  • The split system is characterized by a wall-mounted indoor unit.
  • The equipment works for cooling and heating with one-click mode switching.
  • The maximum active service area is 60 m2.
  • The maximum cooling power is 6.3 kW, but at medium settings, it does not go beyond 2.41 kW.
  • The highest heating power is 7.2 kW, but the average consumed standard is 2.48 kW.
  • Overall dimensions of the inner case are 285x1100x325 mm.

Mitsubishi MZH-S

Mitsubishi MZH-S is a small wall-mounted split system that is designed to create a comfortable microclimate in small studio apartments, open-plan offices, or hotel rooms. The serviced area, which allows the place to be cooled efficiently, does not exceed 27 m2. It is also necessary to provide for the exit of communications inside and outside the room since the maximum length of the air ducts is 7m.

Factory characteristics of the air conditioner:

  • Basic modes include cooling and heating.
  • Power in cooling mode is 2.6 kW.
  • Power in heating mode is 2.9 kW.
  • Added supply ventilation mode allows you to direct the flow of fresh air into the room without forced cooling.

Mitsubishi MSZ-H

This wall-mounted air conditioner is designed to cool and heat a room. The indoor unit has a simple and stylish design that will harmoniously fit into any modern interior. The outdoor unit takes up little space, which allows it to be freely placed on an external wall. The built-in inverter technology improves the energy efficiency class. Maximum performance will enable you to control the indoor climate up to 35 m2 effectively.

Factory characteristics:

  • Cooling capacity is 1.04-3.1 kW.
  • Heating power is 0.995-3.6 kW.
  • The single-phase indoor unit operates with a mains voltage of 220-240 V.
  • Thanks to the integrated inverter technology, the seasonal energy efficiency is SEER up to 5.1 (A).
  • The minimum noise level at the lowest settings is 22 dB, the maximum noise does not exceed 45 dB.

Mitsubishi MSZ-G

Mitsubishi MSZ-G is a model that is a multi-split system with one external unit and the ability to connect several internal groups. The manufacturer has equipped the air conditioner with a standby mode, in which the fan is off, but the compressor is heated. When the temperature inside the case is slightly higher than the outside temperature, condensation can be avoided.

Overview characteristics of the standard series:

  • The air conditioner is designed to create a high-quality microclimate in large rooms up to 70 m2.
  • Thanks to the built-in inverter technology, the manufacturer has achieved high energy efficiency. The air conditioner was assigned class A when working for cooling and heating.
  • Heating capacity is 6.8 kW.
  • The maximum air capacity reaches 1098 m3 / h.
  • The minimum noise level is 29 dB, the highest does not exceed 49 dB.
  • The overall dimensions of the inner case are 1100 * 325 * 238 mm (this is a bit larger than the average size, but given the sizeable cooling area, the air conditioner can be considered compact).
  • The outdoor temperature range for cooling operation is -10 + 46 ° C.
  • For efficient heating and safe operation of the equipment during this period, the outdoor temperature should be within the range of -15 + 24 ° C.

Mitsubishi MSZ-E

This Mitsubishi air conditioner is a godsend for those users who value design. The body can be made in three colors: a black mirror panel, white and noble gray. Adequate cooling is possible in rooms up to 48 m2. The model was equipped with inverter technology, so the equipment belongs to energy efficiency class A.

Factory indicators:

  • Heating capacity for both space heating and cooling is 5.4 kW.
  • The maximum air capacity is 10.3 m3 / h.
  • The lowest noise level of the indoor unit is only 28 dB, the highest is 42 dB at the maximum compressor speed.
  • Overall dimensions of the inner case are 895x299x195 mm (this is an average indicator among air conditioners of similar power).

Mitsubishi MSZ-F

This Mitsubishi AC model has high energy efficiency and the quiet operation of the indoor and outdoor units. The inner case is equipped with an infrared motion sensor. By setting up a particular mode, the user can save electricity. If the air conditioner does not detect movement in the room within 20 minutes, it will turn off automatically. Duo’s patented plasma filtration system breaks down unpleasant odors, traps, and kills harmful bacteria and viruses. Thus, the indoor air will always be clean and fresh.