Air Conditioning in Sydney
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Mitsubishi Sez KD air conditioner belongs to the household series. It can create household comfort for owners of small and medium-sized apartments. At the same time, the cost of the equipment is also quite democratic.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Compact design allows you to place indoor units in any convenient place on the wall. Their height is only 200 mm.
  • The static pressure inside the housing can be adjusted. Several adjustment steps are provided: 5/15/35/50 Pa.
  • The cooling function is available at outdoor temperatures down to -15oC.
  • The cooling capacity in different versions of the model can be 1.5, 2.5 or 3.2 kW.
  • Heating power of different configurations of one model is 1.3, 2.9, or 4.5 kW.

It is the ideal air conditioner for creating a climate in a room up to 25 m2.

The advantages of Mitsubishi Sez KD:

  • ¬†Low noise level does not interfere with talking, working, or relaxing.
  • If necessary, you can connect a drainage pump PAC-KE07DM-E. It is not included in the basic package. But it is recommended to install it if you plan to use the air conditioner daily.
  • Choose between a simplified wired remote control, a wired remote with maximum functionality, or wireless remote control with an infrared port. The latter two have a large, brightly lit LCD screen.

The control panel is not included. Therefore it must be ordered separately. The model belongs to the middle class of energy efficiency. When the device is not operating at full capacity, electricity costs are significantly reduced. Beautiful temperature settings allow you to create a comfortable microclimate for each family member. It is possible to change the direction of the airflow to cool a selected part of the room.