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In countries and regions with hot climates, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is popular for chill and humidification. They work as heaters and are able to drain too humid air in areas near the sea. ABC AIR provides professional repair and maintenance services for reverse cycle air conditioning.

Reverse cycle air conditioning – How Does It Work?


An efficient way to heat and cool a home in Sydney is with a reverse cycle air conditioning system. Unlike traditional gas or portable electric heater, a reverse cycle air conditioning unit creates heat by absorbing outdoor heat with ducted devices. It then distributes air around the room. Heat is absorbed by a refrigerant passing through the external coil. A switch controls the mode for cooling and heating so that the ducted system can be used year-round.

Reverse cycle systems are favored by environmental groups because they emit fewer greenhouse gases than conventional systems. Daikin is the most well-known brand for ducted air conditioning systems in Sydney and throughout Australia.

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Ducted reverse cycle system benefits

The ducted reverse cycle system is good because it can be set up in an under-construction house at the construction stage or adapted to the old building.
Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is of 2 kinds:

  • 1. Options with separate consoles
  • 2. Models with separate air ducts

It permits clients to pick the optimal reverse cycle air conditioning for the housing with any layout and size.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning circuit

Ducted reverse cycle system consists of two parts:

  • The indoor unit with a ventilation block can be assembled in the attic
  • The outdoor block with a capacitor requires excellent ventilation, so it multi-story on the outer wall of the house. Also, this part may be a bit noisy. Therefore, the external unit placement must be agreed upon with the neighbors.

Quality air conditioning solutions

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Options for ducted reverse cycle air conditioners

All models are divided into 2 common kinds:

  1. Inverter systems;
  2. Constant speed models.

There are many options with different power, which can also be adjusted during operation. Both options are suitable for cooling and warming rooms. The constant speed is set by the fabricator in such a way as to save energy as much as possible. Crossbred inverter systems suggest greater flexibility.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning produces less clamor and grant a more even distribution of chilled the apartment. Channel models are more rational to apply in large multi-story buildings and offices.

Installing reverse cycle air conditioning

A modern reverse cycle air conditioner can be placed close to the ceiling, near the floor, or on a flat overlap. There are options for 1 room, separate for 2-8 rooms. For multi-story buildings of a large area, channel types are ideal. All options can work from one outdoor unit, which does not take up much space.

ABC AIR company works with such brands as Daikin, Rinnai, Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba, LG, Samsung, and others. Our personnel has experience of over 10 years. They can easily cope with power calculations when installing an air conditioner, as well as carry out any complex repairs.

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