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No one breakdown happens at the right time in the right place so we know how disappointing it is to have an air conditioner which cannot give you any cool during hot summer

Our technicians can diagnose the problem and provide all necessary repair on site if possible or give you quotation if spare part needs to be pre-ordered.

We are local so we can come and provide air conditioner repair in Inner West area on a same day you call us.

Give us a call 0434506979 or 0435188200 at any time (we do emergency call out service) or send us a text message or email us at [email protected] and tell us a bit of information about you break down (doesn`t start, flashing, not cooling or tripping the breaker) and send us the brand name and rough idea about the age of your air conditioner it will save time and help us to help you better.

More information aout brands and AC customers reviews.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

If you need your air conditioner to be fixed as soon as possible we provide 24/7* emergency call out service.

It would be really helpful and easy for us if you`d give us any short description about what is wrong with your air conditioner. For example: doesn`t start, flashing, not cooling or tripping the circuit breaker) and send us the brand name and rough idea about the age of your air conditioner it will save the time and help us to help you better. 

* depends on how busy we are but we do our best to attend you as soon as we can.

Common air conditioning problems

Here are some common problems we deal with and major of them we can fix on-site. If you have Daikin then you may find tons of useful information in our updated Daikin Wiki Manual.

Bad Smell

coming out of your air conditioner when you turn it on. This means that bacteria grew up inside your air conditioner. In this case we need to take the front of your aircon and clean it inside with no-chemicals cleaning components (people friendly).

Doesn`t blow cold air

Sometimes when you turn your aircon it doesn`t blow the cold air or the air is not as cold how it used to be. Sometimes you just need to check that you put the right setting on your remote control. But sometimes it is more serious like a refrigerant leaks or faulty capacitor.

Drain Problems

After winter you when you first turn your air-conditioner on cooling you can see the water start dripping from your ceiling or from the walls. Most common causing of it is blocked drain (dust, insects or damaged drain pipe). We can definitely help you to fix this.

Aircon doesn`t start and flashing

The main reason of this problem is that your air conditioner has an automatic self-diagnostic function and it found that something is wrong with your air-conditioner. Flashing means the error code. Let our technician to have a look at this and we will tell you how it can be fixed.

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