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This is a mini-split system that is used in Multi or Single-Zone modes. For smaller rooms, reverse cycle air conditioning without ducts is ideal. The indoor and outdoor wall units are quiet and do not take up much space. Stylish modern design harmoniously complements any interior. Functionality and energy efficiency are combined with simple operation.


  • Reliable silent engine.
  • Inverter technology stabilizes the set temperature.
  • An expansion valve controls the flow rate of the refrigerant and the speed of the compressor.
  • Auto settings for energy saving.
  • The technology of response to movement allows you to turn off the system if there is no one in the room for 20 minutes.
  • The kit has a remote control.
  • An advanced filter system purifies the air better.
    Daikin FTXS50L Features

For installation, in addition to indoor and outdoor units, you need a set of pipelines, a drainpipe, and a connecting wire. Double insulation effectively protects the system from refrigerant leakage. Condensation is effectively removed to avoid ice accumulation in winter.

FTXS50L Specifications
Type of refrigerant R-410A Cooling capacity is 5 kilowatts Drying air function. Maximum airflow on Cooling mode 305 l/s Minimum airflow on Heating mode 323 l/s The noise level is between 30-46 dB Energy rating cooling/heating 3/3.5 The warranty lasts 5 years.

FTXS50L error codes

  • H6 - the lock sensor has triggered. Compressor overload
  • H7 - the lock sensor has triggered. Fan overload
  • H8 - the input voltage sensor has triggered.

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