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The premium air conditioners inverter series within a few minutes creates a comfortable microclimate in any size room. The equipment can be configured for heating or cooling. If your air conditioner needs to be repaired, then improved technology allows you not to change the entire duct system in the whole house, but only replace the indoor and outdoor units.

The high system energy efficiency will enable you to breathe cleaned and moistened air without overpaying for electricity.

Daikin Air Conditioners Advantages

  • The manufacturer achieves the best energy efficiency in the industry through an advanced AC motor. A heat exchanger and refrigerant control method have also been redesigned.
  • The system maintains a stable temperature in the house with smooth heating or cooling when switching modes.
  • The equipment operates in the temperature range from -15 ° CWB to 46 ° CDB.
  • The reduced noise level and exceptionally quiet night mode will not disturb your rest.
  • There is an automatic switch to day mode at a user-programmed time.
  • The entire system is guaranteed for 5 years after purchase and installation.


  • These air conditioner models are not the cheapest among brand offers.
Premium Inverter Ducted Technical features
The reverse cycle option allows the use of ducted air conditioning as a heater. The user can choose one of the available capacities depending on the size of the room: 5.1 kW, 6.0 kW, 7.1 kW, 10.0 kW, 12.5 kW, 14.0 kW, 16.0 kW, 18, 0 kW, 20.0 kW, 24.0 kW The equipment uses R410A refrigerant.

Basic error codes

  • 64 VAM Indoor air thermistor error.
  • 65 VAM Outdoor thermistor error.

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