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This is how multi-split outdoor box (unit) looks like. This one can operate 3 indoor units at the same time.

A multi-split system is a type of standard split-system. Simply speaking this type of air conditioner is the same as split-system type but there is only one unit outside and up to five units inside.

Normally multi-split system installation in Sydney if there is not enough space to install more than one outdoor unit.

Example #1: You have an apartment with only one balcony but with two bedrooms and a living room. In that case, the best possible solution is to install the multi-split system for three indoor units.

Example #2: You live in a 3 bedroom house with small back yard and tiny sideways (you can put only rubbish bins there) and there is no space to install 4 outdoor units there or it is impossible to install ducted system by some reasons (for instance the roof is not straight or you have double story house) so the best possible way is to install multi-split system with 4 heads.

Our company doesn`t recommend to install cheap brands for multi-split installation because in case of break down of the outdoor unit all indoor units won't be working as well.

We supply and install only with reliable and well-known brands.

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