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This lineup is a budget-friendly series whose price range varies between $795 and $1,700. In terms of capacity, Lite systems series are available in the 2-7.1 kW range. Like with all other split systems series, the manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty for these products. Despite its lower price, the Lite systems are equipped with most features that are integrated into premium-price models.

Daikin Lite air conditioning and energy star rating

Like the Core lineup, this series has two versions – reverse cycle and cooling only systems. In terms of energy efficiency, the FTXF25TVMA model shows the best results. It has a 4.5 energy star rating for both cooling and heating. It is followed by the FTXF35TVMA model that demonstrates a 4-star rating for heating and only 3 for cooling. The Lite series might be a reasonable choice for those who are keen on energy-saving and do not care much for additional features such as a motion sensor and advanced air-purification filter.

Features and functions

Though its price range starts with a bit fewer values, Daikin Lite air conditioning has a standard set of features available in other series. The following is a list of some features integrated into all models of the series.

  • An air-purifying filter absorbs microscopic particles of dust.
  • Program dry function that enables reduction of humidity while sustaining the temperature at the same level. At the same time, if it detects a substantial increase in temperature, it automatically turns on cooling mode.
  • Econo Mode monitors the frequency and reduces energy consumption if the electrical circuit is overloaded.

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