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Do you want to install a new air conditioner, replace or repair an old one?

ABC AIR specialists carry out the entire range of work related to air conditioning in the Bronte area.

You can also get warranty service. It includes refuelling freon, cleaning and replacing filters, checking the engine and so on.

What criteria does the ABC AIR team use to find the perfect air conditioning for you?

To please their owners, climate technology requires careful calculation. So that the air conditioner creates the temperature regime you need, does not consume a lot of electricity and lasts a long time, the company’s specialists take into account the following factors in the calculations:

  • Customer wishes for temperature and humidity in each room of the house;
  • Commercial or domestic use of premises;
  • Available areas and building configuration;
  • Ceiling height and number of floors;
  • The presence of supply and exhaust ventilation and its layout;
  • Location of windows and doors;
  • Materials of walls, internal and external decoration, type of glazing;
  • The presence of adjacent residential buildings and commercial buildings.

If the district administration or housekeeping company makes specific demands on the noise or appearance of outdoor units, ABC AIR must take these regulations into account.

Additional options

New lines of HVAC equipment often have built-in Wi-Fi for control through a mobile application and motion sensors. Infrared sensors allow you to turn off the air conditioner or put it into an energy-saving mode if there are no people in the room for more than 20 minutes. Also used is a scale with divisions of 0.5 degrees, for the most accurate determination of temperature. The ultra-quiet night mode allows you to maintain comfort and not wake residents.

Call or leave a request on the ABC AIR website to get an advantageous offer for installing an air conditioner in Bronte. You will also receive detailed advice on the selection, operation and maintenance of air conditioners of all brands!

Order an air conditioning installation in the Bronte area by phone or leave a request on the site. We will process the order during the working day and our specialist will advise you on all issues and plan a visit at a convenient time for you.

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Charlotte Schardt - July 12, 2019


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