Air Conditioning in Sydney
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For customers wanting the choice of keeping their home cool (square footage below) (or heated) throughout the entirety, ducted air conditioning will most likely be the best option. Once the ducted work is installed, these higher end systems of pipes and coils are the most efficient, affordable, and practical way to cool a home down in the summer seasons.

There are some factors that will effect this, such as proper insulation around the home as well as the sqaure footage of the home.

See List Below:

  • Apartment – 500-2,000
  • Small Home – 5,000-8,000
  • Medium Home – 7,000-12,000
  • Large Home – 12,000-35,000
  • Business/Office – 20,000-50,000

These numbers will vary by amount of AC utilized and length of time you run your system. Of course other factors such as rooms, people, insulation, and quality can and will be effected as well. Keep in mind these prices are only for installation and not for the monthly cost to keep consistently cool in the summer! The median typical cost monthly [120.00] to keep ducted AC on your home will average from an extremely low two figures to a possible four-figure number.


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