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Daikin ducted air conditioners review

Daikin Ducted

Having a long history of working for Australian customers, the manufacturer offers four series of ducted systems. Each lineup is designed to meet the specific needs of different property owners. Therefore there are various options in terms of size, capacity, and functionality. As ducted air conditioning systems are a reasonable choice for spacious structures, the Daikin ducted series is recommended for small, medium, and larger houses.

The capacity range is quite impressive, starting from 2.4 kW for bulkhead systems and going up to 24 kW for premium inverter series. Depending on the size and layout of the property, homeowners can easily choose an optimal wattage.

Because it is up to them to decide how much energy they are willing to spend on air conditioning.

All four series are reverse cycle

Daikin ducted systems are designed to function in dual-mode, providing the desired air conditioning all year long. In the hot season, they provide blissful coolness, and in colder months, you can use them for heating. Those interested in climate control for the entire house can choose premium (FDYQ series) or standard (FDYQN series) inverter systems. If there is a need for air conditioning in only one zone with multiple rooms with narrow ceiling spaces, then the slim-line series is a good option.

For cooling and heating only one area of the house, for instance, a bedroom with a drop or shallow ceiling, the best choice will be a bulkhead system. These air conditioners are the cheapest among the four series, with the price starting from $1,510. And it is not surprising as it has low capacity and is intended for operating in one area.

The other three series offer more powerful models, and their price starts from $2,630 and goes higher.

Controllers and functionality of Daikin Ducted Systems

Aside from the price and capacity, there is another criterion that is important for a customer. Since each house is unique in terms of layout, size, and location, property owners prefer air conditioning systems with multiple useful features and functionality.

The four Daikin ducted series are equipped with the following features.

  • Night mode allows reducing the noise level to ensure quietness for comfortable sleeping and automatically resumes its standard operations in the morning.
  • Automatic airflow adjustment provides optimal airflow circulation by regulating the fan speed according to the duct design.
  • Quick mode adjusts power to helps the system rapidly reach the desired temperature.
  • The home leave function turns the system on if the temperature in the room falls below 10º C.

Daikin FDYQ160 16.0 kW Premium Inverter review

The model can have up to 14 outlets or eight zones of personalized comfort. It is a perfect option for a house with an area of up to 250 m2. The price range starts from $6,700 for six outlets that can cover three bedrooms and several living areas, depending on their size. 

Besides the features described above, this particular air conditioning system has other advantages.

  • More advanced inverter technology allows the system to reduce running costs and quickly provides consistency and comfort within desired temperature range.
  • When program dry mode is used, the system reduces the humidity level instead of the temperature level. It makes the indoor air colder and more comfortable, avoiding actual cooling.
  • A self-diagnostics feature helps you determine the issue the system is encountering in case of malfunction.
  • The system has smart technology that makes it is compatible with remote control and can be managed via any mobile device.

Fujitsu ducted air conditioners review

Having appeared on the Australian market in 1973, the brand has developed a solid reputation for manufacturing reliable and efficient air conditioners with a stylish design. Implementing advanced inbuilt technologies in sleek machinery, Fujitsu has successfully covered more than a quarter of the Australian air conditioning market. A wide range of ducted models is presented in four series that differ in size and weight to suit the various property needs. As for the capacity range, it is also impressive.

It starts from 2.5 kW in bulkhead range and goes up to 25 kW in high static three-phase systems.

Depending on your energy consumption requirements and the space size you want to equip with climate control, there are several ranges of ducted systems.

Energy-efficient cooling and heating systems with great air filters

Fujitsu systems cost higher than Daikin air conditioners due to inbuilt intelligent technology and air purifying filters. The latter utilize static electricity to cleanse the air by removing microscopic particles, dust, cigarette smoke, and even allergenic pollen. The ducted systems prevent bacteria growth and produce less noise than Daikin systems. Besides high-quality performance, the Fujitsu air conditioners ensure optimal energy efficiency with the help of power diffusers and advanced heat exchanges that lessen energy consumption by 30%.

All systems are user-friendly and supplied with a simple controller that provides a reasonable choice of features, including a low-noise option, economy function, and several program timers. As for the price, the low benchmark is the bulkhead range that starts from about $1,600. The high one is the three-phase systems that start from $3,950 and go much higher.

Suitable for various properties from a small apartment to multi-story houses

The manufacturer is famous for its long history of innovation and has earned several consumer awards for quality products and services. It offers an exclusively residential range of ducted systems that provide ultimate control and quiet and efficient performance. The slimline series is intended to fit any ceiling spaces and ensure discreet installation thanks to the compact design. High static ducted systems offer an option of installing the machinery either in the ceiling or the floor.

Regardless of the series, all models are equipped with DC rotary compressors and allow programming preferred functions.

 Fujitsu ARTG54LHTC High Static Single Phase review

The system has a compact design and is available in white and silver color. The manufacturer provides an after-sale service, which is a good bonus when you buy an air conditioning system. All models of the single-phase series are equipped with an automatic reverse cycle feature. The system switches from cooling to heating depending on the surrounding temperature and provides an effortless transition through hot and cold seasons.


  • Automated airflow and fan speed correction ensures a consistent temperature level.
  • Thanks to single-phase design, the system requires only one power supply. The installation will not cost you much as it can be wired to one section of the property to access the power supply.
  • Economy mode and DC motor significantly reduce energy consumption.
  • Several timers allow tailoring systems functionality to suit your needs for indoor comfort.
  • Increased number of outlets allows for a personalized climate in up to eight zones within a house.

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