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Important! For successful installation of VRV system it is necessary to pay special attention to the vacuuming procedures – it will allow to work for a long time without refilling with freon (refrigerant).

Time for these procedures depends on the complexity of the VRV air conditioner and the area of the premises and can take several days. Proper installation of VRV system at a large facility is one of the leading issues for the successful operation of the premises of the building.

ABC Air employs experienced specialists who think over every stage of installation in advance so that the system will work properly for many years and will be as resistant to external conditions as possible.

At the initial stage the marking and laying of refrigerant pipelines, signal and power inter-unit cables according to the project documentation. It is important to have this work done by professionals. The correctness of this stage influences the costs of keeping the multizone system in operation.

Then specialists proceed to install the indoor units. Professional handling of installation will guarantee you proper operation of VRV air-conditioning system, as well as minimize the risk of freon evaporation and condensate leakage from drainage system (drainage performs the function of condensate drainage from indoor units).

After all these actions, our specialists proceed to install the outdoor unit. The place for its placement is carefully considered in the initial stages of calculation and design. Here it is important that the platform for installation can not only withstand the weight of the unit, but also take into account the need to absorb vibrations.

Next, it is necessary to combine all the installed equipment into a single VRV workable chain. To do this, workers connect the refrigerant circuit system and indoor units.

Depending on the quality characteristics and features of the project at each joint different methods are used: with the use of soldering, as well as flanged or threaded connections.

The correct choice of the method and tools for its implementation affects the preservation of sealing and integrity of pipes of the refrigerant circuit, as a consequence, the efficiency of the entire multizone air conditioning system.

Now the connection to the electrical network is made. After that the freon circuit is evacuated and pressurized. Vacuumization allows to drain freon pipelines and at the same time to take the air out of them, and pressurization is performed under high pressure of nitrogen and allows to find and fix small places of leaks on the freon lines.

The final stage is refilling the system circuit with freon according to the design values and pressure gauge readings, connection and adjustment of air conditioning controls for the test run.

According to its results analysis and testing of air-conditioning system performance is performed, and if the result is positive, the work on installation is considered completed.

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