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14.0kW VRV IV-S Reverse cycle multi system RXYMQ5AV4A outdoor only, to be connected 8 indoor units, R410A Refrigerant

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Power Supply 1-phase, 230-240 V, 50 Hz
Cooling Capacity kcal/h 12,000
Btu/h 47,800
kW 14.0
Heating Capacity kcal/h 12,000
Btu/h 47,800
kW 14.0
Power Consumption Cooling kW 3.93
Heating 3.04
Capacity Control % 16 to 100
Casing Colour Ivory white (5Y7.5/1)
Compressor Type Hermetically sealed swing type
Motor Output kW 3
Airflow Rate l/s 1,267
m?/min 76
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 990 x 940 x 320
Machine Weight kg 82
Sound level (Cooling/Heating) dB(A) 53/54
Sound power dB(A) 71
Operation Range Cooling °CDB -5 to 46
Heating °CWB -20 to 15.5
Refrigerant Type R-410A
Charge kg 3.4
Piping connections Liquid mm o9.5 (Flare)
Gas o15.9 (Flare)
Connectable Units Up to 8

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Weight 92 kg