Air Conditioning in Sydney
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Commercial Air Conditioners differ from residential AC in several ways. Although both types are used for cooling and heating, commercial systems are designed to sustain optimal air conditioning for larger buildings such as offices, stores, or warehouses. Therefore commercial air conditioners:

  • provide more complex functionality,
  • are more powerful and larger in size,
  • have more elaborated drainage and exhaust system components,
  • are mostly located on the rooftops because they are noisier, take more space, and need to be out of public access.

Unlike a residential AC designed as a standalone system that is impossible to modify or build upon, a commercial air conditioner is modular. It means that you can add to it if there is a change in cooling or heating needs. Another distinct feature of a commercial system is that all its components, except dampers and ducts, are placed outside.

We offer the two most popular commercial HVAC in Australia


The systems equipped with VRV technology gained popularity among Australians because they have several advantages. They consume less energy, thanks to inverters that provide smart adjustment and regulation of the climate. Also, the individual control allows specific conditioning for each zone within the building.


Lossnay series of that famous brand provides the best solution for ventilation in modern buildings. These air conditioners replace the indoor stale air with fresh airflow from outside, keeping the temperature at the same level. Besides, Lossnay systems are noiseless, long-lasting, and energy-efficient.

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