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Model UAYQ210CY1A
Rated Capacity (Cooling) Net kW 63.69
Rated Capacity (Heating) Net kW 63.95
Rated Power Input (Cooling) Net kW 20.53
Rated Power Input (Heating) Net kW 18.58
Rated EER (Cooling) kW/kW 3.1
Rated COP (Heating) kW/kW 3.44
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 380~415 / 3N~/50
Refrigerant Charge Kg 10.4+10.4
Refrigerant Type / Control R-410A / EEV
Evaporator Air Flow Rate l/s 3450
External Static Pressure Pa 206
Condensate Drain Size mm 25.4
Condensor Air Flow rate l/s 9534
Sound Pressure Level dBA 70
Sound Power Level dBA 90
Compressor Quantity 2
Dimensions height mm 21302
width mm 2209
Depth mm 2670
Net Weight (without packaging) kg 880

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Weight 880 kg