Air Conditioning in Sydney
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Engineered for flexibility, compactness, and efficiency Daikin ducted systems are equipped with an inverter and can easily fit into any tight roof space. The capacity range starts from 2.4 kW and goes up to 24 kW. You can install such a system for air conditioning the whole house or separate zones within it. The duct type system is adaptable – you can tailor it, as needed, for an existing or only planned structure. The integration of reverse cycle into all ducted systems aims at delivering comfort all year round.

Daikin ducted air conditioning promises minimum energy performance standards

The ducted series system might be a reasonable choice for medium to large houses. As stated by the manufacturer, the only visible part of the system is the grills on the ceiling. If you do not like “protruding” units of a split system, the duct-type air conditioning can be a solution for your aesthetics dilemma as well. The offered ducted systems have two types of the inverter. You can choose either a premium or standard inverter model. The difference between the two lies in capacity and piping length:

  • the premium inverter has 10% more power than the standard,
  • the piping connecting indoor and outdoor modules is 75 m for the premium inverter and 50 m for the standard one.

Both series have a Night Quiet Mode function that allows a user to reduce the outdoor module noise level at night. Daikin ducted air conditioning has some more advantages:

  • temperature limits,
  • R22 retrofit capability,
  • fast cooling and heating mode that quickly provides desired effect,
  • zone control that ensures individual comfort and shutdown where it is not in use.

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