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5kw bulk head model for residential and office use. Hidden ceiling construction allows you to not disrupt the design of the room and create a comfortable micro climate with a uniform distribution of airflow.

FDXS50LVMA Functional Features

  • The model with an improved DC motor that spins the fan.
  • During installation, automatic optimal airflow settings are set.
  • The system has compact dimensions – less 200 mm high.
  • The built-in humidifier and dehumidifier allow you to control the indoor climate in any area.
  • The warranty on parts, assembly, and installation lasts 5 years.
FDXS50LVMA air purification filters reduce dust and eliminate odors. To replace filters and minor repairs, there is access to the system from below (there is no need to remove the unit).

FDXS50LVMA Specifications

  • Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning has a nominal cooling capacity is 5 kw
  • Rated Heating capacity is 5.8 kw
  • Power consumption for heating is 1.72 kW
  • Overload protection is provided when power surges occur
  • The panel has a noise level at maximum settings equal to 38 dB

FDXS50LVMA error codes

  • A0-Protective device tripped (general)
  • A1-Malfunction of the printed circuit board of the indoor unit
  • A2-Blocking fan motor
  • A3 Abnormal drainage level
  • A4-Heat exchanger malfunction (temperature)
  • A5-Abnormal heat exchanger temperature
  • A6-Overload fan motor
  • A7-Malfunction of the blinds drive.

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