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Mini-split system for one room. The equipment allows you to heat and cool the room, as well as humidify or drain the air. The operating mode as a fan is provided. There is enough power for effective climate control over an area of ​​450 – 525 feet2. Inverter technology allows you to adjust the speed of the compressor. Thanks to this, energy efficiency, the absence of temperature fluctuations, and silent engine operation are achieved.

Daikin FTXF71Q Advantages

  • The compact design of the indoor unit (295 x 990 x 263) will not spoil the interior.
  • A small outdoor unit (695 x 930 x 350) can be placed on any configuration walls.
  • Improved air filters have protection against mold.
  • Filters can be removed, washed and reused.
  • Wi-fi kit can be installed separately.
FTXF71Q Functional Modes
Automatic horizontal and vertical swing for direction and even distribution of airflow. Optimum fan speed. Night power-saving mode. Automatic shutdown in the absence of movement in the room. Drying, ventilation mode.

Technical description

  • Cooling power is 7.1 kilowatts 
  • Heating power is 8.0 kilowatts 
  • The number of fan speeds is 5 
  • Noise level for indoor unit is in the range of 30-49 dB 
  • Remote control included Operating voltage 230V, single phase 
  • Outside temperature for cooling is -10 – 46 ° C 
  • Outside temperature for heating is -15 – 18 ° C 
  • The warranty on parts and installation for FTXF71Q lasts for 5 years.

FTXF71Q error codes

  • FE - invalid oil pressure
  • FF - Inadmissible Oil Level
  • J0 - thermistor malfunction
  • J1 - pressure sensor malfunction (general)
  • J2 - faulty current sensor.

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