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Daikin US7 Series

Вфшлшт US7 Series is the air conditioner model that is considered the most energy-efficient in Australia. The built-in cleaning, humidification, and dehumidification mechanism allow you to create a comfortable microclimate for people with any needs and in any areas.

Dual-band smart eye technology (infrared sensor) puts the equipment into standby mode if there are no people in the room for more than 20 minutes.

Daikin Air Conditioners Advantages

  • Quiet night mode creates a noise of no more than 2-3 dBA, and a person does not hear such a sound.
  • The US7 model connects to a mobile application so that users can use the smartphone as a control panel.
  • The reverse cycle air conditioner works to heat and cools the rooms.
  • A wide-angle of airflow and automatic rotation improve air circulation in the room. Thanks to this, the air conditioner creates the most uniform cooling or heating.
  • A deodorizing titanium apatite filter purifies the air and eliminates strong odors.
  • A 5-year warranty covers parts and installation.


  • The price of the system starts at $ 2,000.
Daikin US7 Series Technical features
The large-diameter rotor and the unique design of the blades allow the fan to work quieter and draw in large volumes of air. The design of the indoor unit involves wall mounting. The dimensions of the indoor unit are 295x798x372 mm; the external unit has dimensions of 693x795x300 mm. The refrigerant used is R32. There is a power range from 0.6 to 9.0 kW.

Basic error codes

  • P3 Faulty outdoor thermistor.
  • PJ External failure of the installed power resistor.

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