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An efficient air conditioner with high efficiency and low electricity costs not only regulates the temperature but creates comfort. The system allows you to cool and warm the air, drain or moisten it. Protective filters trap dust and bacteria. The wall model of small dimensions (340 x 1200 x 240) allows you to create a solution for any interior.

Daikin FAQ100C-AV advantages

  • The external and internal units operate almost silently.
  • Inverter technology prevents temperature fluctuations and also reduces the cost of operating the product.
  • The system is remotely controlled using remote control.
  • Protective filters can be removed and washed.
  • With the given settings, the system automatically supports the necessary parameters.
FAQ100C-AV Specifications
Cooling capacity is 10 kilowatts Heating power-adjustable up to 11.2 kilowatts Compatible with BRC1E62 wall mounted remote control or can be linked to central controller of the building (master controller) Fan Air Flow 317-433 l/s Power surge protection The mass of the air conditioner is 17 kg. The maximum pipeline length is 90 meters. This is necessary for the convenient location of the indoor unit. Room cooling is possible at an ambient temperature of 0° C with the installation of wind protection. The warranty on installation and product is 5 years.

FAQ100C-AV error codes

  • UA - incorrect parameter setting
  • UH -detection / indoor unit, address not entered
  • UC - incorrect address setting on the CPU
  • UJ - communication error with peripheral equipment
  • UE - communication error between the indoor unit and the CPU
  • UF - mounting error - wiring/piping
  • M1 - central control equipment, PCB malfunction.

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