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How to Install an Air conditioning – DIY Guide

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Before choosing the optimal air conditioning system, it is necessary to evaluate the house and premises in many ways. The device’s effectiveness depends on this. Once again, all factors should be analyzed immediately before installation. It warns against unexpected unpleasant surprises.

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It is necessary to determine the house type

How to install an air conditioner in an apartment building – you will most likely need to take a permit from a government authority or corporate governance. Also, for houses and rooms located close to neighbors, it is advisable to choose the quietest models of air conditioners. Noise from the outdoor unit should not distract or disturb outsiders.

For individual cottages, it is essential to maintain the fire safety of the entire building. Also, the installation of the air conditioner should not affect the strength of the load-bearing walls. To avoid mistakes in choosing an air conditioning system, it is advisable to invite an expert. Daikin technologists have an average experience of more than 10 years. An employee of the company will calculate the optimal power depending on the building structure and the area of ​​the room. Also, a professional will offer the best places for installing indoor and outdoor units.

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Room size affects the indoor units location

There are split systems with one or more indoor units. From one external unit, up to eight internal units can operate. To save, you can install air conditioning in one or more rooms. It is also worth considering the layout of the house. If the client plans to move the walls in the future, install partitions or arches, this must be taken into account when installing the air conditioner.
Given the design of the room, you can choose the window, ceiling, wall, or floor models. Ducted air conditioners are ideal for large homes. In this case, the room temperature will be as uniform as possible.

An outdoor unit location

The outdoor unit must be installed so that there is free space on both sides. It ensures good air circulation. Over time, air conditioners require maintenance. Free access to both parts of the block dramatically simplifies this task. In practice, such an installation is not always possible. The outdoor unit should not spoil the exterior of the house. Otherwise, city services may require it to be moved. Also, engine noise should not interfere with neighbors.
In split systems with one or more indoor units, the outer casing is usually larger. It must be mounted on a solid base. Best if it’s a concrete slab. To maximize the efficiency of the equipment, it is better to place the external case at a distance of 15 meters from the air outlet in the room.

Responsibility for competent installation

There are mini portable systems. They do not require complicated assembly. But all stationary air conditioners with excellent performance should be installed by professionals. A company that cooperates with specific brands has a license to install their equipment. In this case, the client can be sure that the technologist has correctly performed the calculations. Certified professionals also have ARCtick certification. It means that the specialist has the right to work with refrigerant gases. When ordering Daikin air conditioners and installing by professional brand dealers, the buyer receives an additional 5-year warranty.

Daikin Model Installation Approach

Before installation, request an offer from our representative

split system installation air conditioning installation inner west

When choosing an air conditioning system, the smallest details must be considered. Each house has a different arrangement of windows, doors, stairs. The required power is influenced by the area and height of the ceilings. The material of the walls, the roof, the presence of insulation is also worth considering when calculating the performance of the model.
Daikin dealers insist on a personal visit to each customer. The brand makes such calculations as:

  • The number of people in the home or office
  • Frequency and regularity of use
  • Windows glazing type
  • The desired temperature in the rooms

Our specialists additionally study the area around the house. For each case, the best location of the outdoor unit will be selected. After visual inspection and calculations, the brand employee draws up a written plan.

Entrust the installation process to professional technologists

After installation, a specialist in the presence of the client checks the device operability. The customer can verify that the refrigerant is charged and that the airflow is balanced. The specialist provides detailed instructions on the operation of the system.


At ABC Air, the installation process is as responsive as possible. Specialists go to measure the characteristics of the room per day and time convenient for the client. When all the essential parameters are taken into account, and the calculations are done, the installation takes a short time. Immediately after installation, the buyer can use the new air conditioner and feel all the comfort and advantages of environmentally friendly Daikin systems.

Air Conditioning installation FAQ

Q: Can you install aircon yourself?
A: You can easily install aircon by yourself if you have past experience, but those that don’t should let the professionals do the installation to ensure everything is how it should be.

Q: Can anyone install an air conditioner?
A: If you have past experience, you shouldn’t have any issues installing your air conditioner. Those that don’t, though, should consult a professional to ensure everything is installed correctly.

Q: Do you need an electrician to install an air conditioner?
A: You’ll want an electrician to install your air conditioner if it’s not one that you just plug into the wall. This will ensure everything is installed correctly and you’ll come across fewer issues.

Q: How do you install an air conditioner?
A: If it’s a simple plug-in unit, you’ll be able to place the air conditioner and plug it right in. If it’s a ducted unit, you’ll want to have a professional come in to ensure everything is installed correctly.

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