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What is Split System?

Split Systems Air Conditioning is cooling and heating equipment, depending on the season. The simplest option for split systems is conventional wall-mounted air conditioning. It is cheaper and easier to install than ducted air conditioning.

Before installing ducted air conditioning, it is necessary to evaluate all the features of the room: the material of the walls, the layout of the house, the number of floors, and so on. For split systems installation, it is enough to choose the power of the equipment following the room area.

How split systems works

Split Systems Air Conditioning consists of two parts:

  1. The condenser is located on the outside of the house;
  2. The fan coil is fixed inside the room.

The split systems heat pump operates in two modes and two directions. The fan coil draws warm air from the room and returns the cold to cool the air in the room. For heating, a reverse cycle must be started.

Split systems installation can be thought out for one room or adjoining rooms. One outdoor unit can be connected to nine indoor units. The power of one outdoor unit is enough to regulate and set a specific temperature in each of the nine rooms.

In large industrial buildings and villas, ducted air conditioning, such as the Daikin brand, is more often installed. In smaller apartments and offices, it’s cheaper to install Daikin split systems, and it’s also easier to maintain.
  • Inverter technology allows you to maintain a stable temperature in the room throughout the year with changing seasons. Users control the speed of the compressor, thereby reducing energy costs.
  • Daikin split systems are cheaper than ducted air conditioning. Therefore, for small apartments, offices, or rooms, this is the ideal solution. Also, the price varies depending on the number of indoor units.
  • One unit controls the temperature in one room. Therefore, in different places in the same apartment or house, you can maintain a different microclimate for the comfort of all family members.
  • Daikin split systems have built-in filters to improve indoor air quality. This feature is necessary for homes where there are children, the elderly, residents with asthma or allergies. Daikin split systems help control not only temperature but also air humidity.

Daikin split systems can be installed with multiple indoor units in different rooms. It allows not only to set different temperature conditions, but also to choose different functionality (the presence of air filters, humidity control, power).

Running cost

One of the most economical brands among split systems is Daikin air conditioning. With an average power consumption of 2.5 kW, electricity costs amounted to about $ 270 per year. The creation of the microclimate of a small room was taken into account. How variable factors were taken into account:

  • Heating for 4 months a year;
  • Cooling for 2 months a year;
  • The operating mode is 7 hours a day.

The data are indicative and may vary depending on the wishes of the owners of the house, the thickness, and material of the walls, climatic factors of a particular region.

System cost

The costs of split systems installation vary significantly depending on the type of building. Installation of ducted air conditioning is more expensive and complicated, as it often requires wall chipping. But for the proper installation of Daikin split systems, many factors must also be considered:

  • Installation of the external unit is carried out on the first, second, third floor or a pitched roof;
  • Installation at the bottom of the house below the ground floor;
  • Installation next to other air conditioning
  • There is no room for air conditioning on the wall from the outside of the house;
  • Installation on walls with insulation;
  • • The need to obtain permission from real estate agents.

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Standard single storey back-to-back split system installation

In this case, Daikin split systems have two units, one inside and outside the house. The external unit has a safety switch, and the electrical connections are hidden under a PVC pipe. Before installation, the specialist checks whether the power of the switchboard is sufficient to connect air conditioning).

Standard double storey split system installation

If the internal split system unit is installed at the second-floor level, two options are provided for mounting the external unit:

  • At the bottom of the building;
  • On the second floor (the cost of an additional bracket is calculated separately).

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