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ABC AIR has been providing split system repair for over 10 years. Our experts work with any air conditioners brands. We find and repair all breakdowns types at customers' homes or offices. You can call the master for split system repair at any convenient time.

Split system benefits

Split System Repair

Air conditioners come in many forms. For smaller rooms, the split system is ideal. It is cheaper and easier to install. The split system allows you to cool or heat an apartment depending on the season. It is possible to install several internal split system units and only one external. 

Air conditioners require regular preventative maintenance. To ensure that your home always has a comfortable microclimate, ABC AIR carries out split system repair quickly and professionally!

When is split system repair necessary?

If the split system is faulty, you will find the following symptoms:

  • The air flows power decreased
  • The split system began to spend more electricity
  • An unusual odor has appeared

In these cases, preventative maintenance and split system repair must be ordered.

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Why is it better to apply for a split system service on time?

Inverter technology

Periodically change filters (this allows you to keep the airflow powerful)

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Comfortable microclimate

Ensure regular lubrication of moving split system parts

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What option to choose?

Call professionals as soon as you notice the slightest changes in the split system operation

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My split system once stopped turning on. I thought I would have to buy a new one. But the guys at ABC AIR quickly discovered the problem. I was surprised, but the split system repair was not very expensive. Thank you for the quality service and good prices!

Sienna Stone - June 19, 2019

The guys restored and cleaned my split system on the same day that I turned to them! This was necessary because the coolant started to flow out of two air conditioners in different rooms at the same time. The guys replaced the broken parts and added refrigerant. I give 5 stars for the service!

Joshua Madison - November 25, 2019

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