Air Conditioning in Sydney
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This wall-mounted air conditioner is designed to cool and heat a room. The indoor unit has a simple and stylish design that will harmoniously fit into any modern interior. The outdoor unit takes up little space, which allows it to be freely placed on an external wall. The built-in inverter technology improves the energy efficiency class. Maximum performance will enable you to control the indoor climate up to 35 m2 effectively.

Factory characteristics of Mitsubishi MSZ-H:

  • Cooling capacity is 1.04-3.1 kW.
  • Heating power is 0.995-3.6 kW.
  • The single-phase indoor unit operates with a mains voltage of 220-240 V.
  • Thanks to the integrated inverter technology, the seasonal energy efficiency is SEER up to 5.1 (A).
  • The minimum noise level at the lowest settings is 22 dB, the maximum noise does not exceed 45 dB.

The outdoor unit generates a sound power level of up to 60 dB. The airflow is 228-654 m3 / h. The indoor unit parameters are 799x232x290 mm, which allows you to place it in almost any room or office. The indoor unit weighs 9 kg, so a professional mount is required. The outdoor unit has dimensions of 699x249x538 mm, so a particular place is needed for its installation not to spoil the architectural ensemble of the house.

The advantages of the model:

  • The freon line’s length is 20 meters, so there is no need to select the location of the outdoor and indoor units strictly.
  • Low power consumption and no inrush currents ensure user comfort and safety.
  • Simple, uncomplicated design and operation do not cause additional difficulties.