Air Conditioning in Sydney
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Mitsubishi SLZ KA split system has an indoor cassette unit. Compact parameters allow the equipment to be discreetly placed on a wall or ceiling cell without significantly changing the interior. The manufacturer uses R 410A freon, ecologically safe for the environment.

Mitsubishi SLZ KA Pros:

  • Inverter technology has been built into the air conditioner to improve the energy efficiency class. This method allows the compressor to be accelerated at the start to cool the room faster. It then automatically slows down to maintain the obtained temperature without hesitation. This reduces the consumption of electricity.
  • The air conditioner works for cooling and heating.
  • A timer was built into the control unit so that it was possible to program the on and off and the temperature in advance.
  • The universal design of the indoor unit in classic white color makes it easy to fit the equipment into any interior.
  • Condensate drainage takes place thanks to a built-in drain pump.
  • Automatic louvers deliver chilled air in four directions to cool the room faster and more evenly.
  • The model offers a choice of three cooling power options:
  • 2.6 kW is suitable for creating a microclimate in rooms up to 25 m2.
  • 3.6 kW works optimally in rooms up to 35 m2.
  • 5.5 kW is designed for large rooms up to 55 m2.

The basic package includes indoor and outdoor units. The noise level of the indoor unit varies depending on the compressor’s speed in the range of 29-39 dB. It is recommended to carry out maintenance to replace filters for filling freon at least once and a half.