Air Conditioning in Sydney
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Mitsubishi MFZ KA split system differs from most models of similar power in that the indoor unit is installed on the floor. Such an air conditioner is optimal for those cases when, for some reason, there is not enough space on the walls or ceiling to place it. Also, buyers choose floor models so as not to spoil the fancy interior of the house. In this case, the air conditioner easily fits into the overall composition of the room furniture. Indoor units have a sleek design and low noise level at a minimum and medium settings.

Factory characteristics of Mitsubishi MFZ KA:

  • The maximum area of ​​the room that the air conditioner can serve with high quality is 25 m2.
  • Dimensions of the indoor unit are 700x200x600 mm, which is an average parameter among similar equipment.
  • The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 800x285x550 mm, so homeowners can easily find a place for it on the wall of a residential building or office building.
  • The warranty for the equipment is maintained for three years if the user carried out timely maintenance (replacement of filters and checking the freon).
  • Heating power of different modifications of one model is 0.9, 3.4, or 5.1 kW.
  • The cooling capacity of the various options is 0.9, 2.5, or 3.4 kW.
  • The indoor unit weighs 14 kg, and the outdoor unit weighs 30 kg.

The advantages of the model:

  • It can be installed on old pipelines that used R22 refrigerant.
  • No flushing or replacement of piping required. This significantly reduces the cost of replacing equipment.
  • An IR remote control is supplied with the unit.