Air Conditioning in Sydney
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Mitsubishi MZH-S is a small wall-mounted split system that is designed to create a comfortable microclimate in small studio apartments, open-plan offices, or hotel rooms. The serviced area, which allows the place to be cooled efficiently, does not exceed 27 m2. It is also necessary to provide for the exit of communications inside and outside the room since the maximum length of the air ducts is 7m.

Factory characteristics of Mitsubishi MZH-S air conditioner:

  • Basic modes include cooling and heating.
  • Power in cooling mode is 2.6 kW.
  • Power in heating mode is 2.9 kW.
  • Added supply ventilation mode allows you to direct the flow of fresh air into the room without forced cooling.
  • The basic package includes a remote control.
  • Additional system bonuses:
  • Provides automatic temperature maintenance using a quiet night mode.
  • The air dehumidification mode will be an advantage for the residents of coastal areas.
  • Built-in anti-ice system.
  • Timer on and off allows you to configure the system automatically based on the schedule of all family members or office employees.

The single-phase indoor unit has a minimum noise level of 32 dB and a maximum noise level of up to 39 dB. The environmentally friendly type of refrigerant R 410A is used. The fan speed control is provided. This helps to set the airflow as comfortable as possible and also save energy consumption at low speeds. The airflow direction can also be adjusted. It is possible to save user settings.