Air Conditioning in Sydney
49/3 Hornsey street, Rozelle, NSW, 2039, Australia

The model has high energy efficiency and the quiet operation of the indoor and outdoor units. The inner case is equipped with an infrared motion sensor. By setting up a particular mode, the user can save electricity. If the air conditioner does not detect movement in the room within 20 minutes, it will turn off automatically. Duo’s patented plasma filtration system breaks down unpleasant odors, traps, and kills harmful bacteria and viruses. Thus, the indoor air will always be clean and fresh.

Factory characteristics:

  • There is the ability to control the ozone layer’s density within safe limits (0.01 ppm or lower in the room).
  • The noise level does not exceed 28 dB. This is made possible by the broad blades of the internal fan. This made it possible to reduce its rotation speed while maintaining efficiency.
  • The i-see Sensor branded temperature control function is provided.
  • Thanks to the inverter’s introduction, the power consumption is reduced by 20% for the cooling and heating modes compared to the previous version of the air conditioner.