Air Conditioning in Sydney
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Split system air conditioning installation isn’t ambiguous and can be determined pretty effortlessly. When compared to their opponents like a ducted system, split system air conditioning units can end up being less money and more affordable.

There are a number of factors such as (not limited to):

  • Size
  • Brand Manufacturer
  • Location of Property
  • Number of Units
  • Placement of units
  • Windows and their Placement

What to expect before the actual Installation:

A professional installation by qualified professionals in the HVAC industry will and should take place in your home. These professionals Coming to your home or property to evaluate and access properly the exact perimeters and length will help determine the installation and price of the setup. This can and will determine the factor of what system you decide to get.

Should Include things like:

  • Location or Address
  • Approximate Square Footage/Perimeter
  • Vent locations
  • Load-bearing walls
  • Location of Ducts for AC
  • Meters between two systems
  • Access to electricity components


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