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Project – Two Mitsubishi Electric split systems installation at Rozelle

By Victor /

Our latest project – Two Mitsubishi Electric split systems installed for a house at Rozelle. One is the wall mounted type installed for a guest bedroom on a ground floor (as you can see on the photos) with outdoor unit installed on the opposite side of the wall and all pipes and cables are covered with colorbond trunking with the same colour as the wall (that makes it discrete). Another one is called “Floor standing ac split system" and it mounts on the floor instead of the wall. This type of the indoor units are used when there are no walls or any flat surface to install traditional wall-mounted ac type and the only way to get the space cooled is to install the floor standing ac unit. That special type of ac system is more expensive just because of equipment cost – the process of installation is absolutely the same as for a wall mounted split system. Our company specializes in any type of split systems installation including wall and floor mounted types. 


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